Confusing thwarts plan to arrest Raila Odinga

Officials of state security agencies are sharply divided over a suggestion by a section of top government officials to arrest Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Martha Karua, George Wajackoya, Eugene Wamalwa and Jeremiah Kioni for leading Mass Action against Kenya Kwanza administration.

Raila has announced he will lead his ODM supporters to storm State House and demand lowering of the cost of living.

If they arrest Baba Nairobi will probably be chaotic everyday

Nabii is ruthless… He mihht do it and deal with the consequences later…

Ghassia hii ni news ama ni opinion

Raila should be killed

Raila is overrated, he is human see a small percentage of the populace is willing to die for baba.
There is alot of facade about baba
It’s perception. Baba remains mortal like Luther and Sankara, we love him yes but to me his supporters have deify him to a god but he remains human and with time is not favorable to him anymore

Kagege, you are an IDIOT!

raila should be crushed once and for all, hatukai kwa amani because of one person.
Shida ya kenya ni mtu mmoja tu, Hi excellency should do the necessary, economy cannot thrive na maandamano . Afinywe kabisa

wewe ni wapi hapo hukai kwa amani tugege

kenya kwanza idiots,the world is bigger than you think.understand the world order first.

killing or arresting is not the end of everything.all this countries and people see opportunity in war,they will gladly bankroll militias to achieve their objectives and you will understand you are just a small piece in the world order.stop thinking ruto is supported the world over.

bandits are stretching our forces!!!

Shifu, i hope you were not serious

I love an electricity pole more than kenyan politicians.

hakina kitu anaweza fanya. Si aliingiza baridi akaweka road blocks leading to statehouse Nairobi and Kisumu?

tuko nyuma ya Raila

Mama mbitika hunanga akili kagege

Senior welder thinks that wearing a boy scouts uniform will make his state house dream a reality.

Arresting them will trigger bigger mass protests that turn violent and chaotic

Sadly, Raila supporters think they have a monopoly of Violence.