the last 30 hours have been the most confusing hours in my life. my girlfriend calls her friend to come visit us. i buy some few bottles of whisky, halafu later we decide to go clubbing. somehow i find myself kissing my girlfriend’s best friend. the friend goes to my girl and asks permission to continue kissing me, and even asks for a chance we do a threesome. to compensate for my wrong doings i convince my girlfriend and her friend to kiss. later we change clubs, and i manage to convince the girl tuende pamoja kwa ladies loo wher she gives me a blowjob and i finger her like crazy. somehow my girl thinks to overstay kwa loo, and comes, likely a nigga is intelligent and i gag the bitch (friend) aka pretend she was throwing up na mimi namsaidia. we go home very drunk, and after my girl amezima, the bitch starts complaining vile anafeel guilty juu wife is her best friend. any way she says if her fak her proper, she might handle her guilt and not tell wife of our misgivings the previous night. sasa story imekuwa complicated vile wife ameamka halafu i was texting some of my side bitch. sasa shida ni Ati me hutumia whatsapp GB na ina options ya hiding some texts. sasa wife ameitisha phone, na ujinga yangu sikuwa nime exit hyo segment ya private texts, na vile huko na chat na kunguru wengi. nimeacha wife akilia, hyo nyumba ata siwezi rudi, juu naogopa pia beshte ya wife akuwe ame vuja siri za jana usiku. officially a nigga is very fucked up. niko local na drown sorrows, plus wife amebaki na main phone, ata saa hii na andika na side phone. haha forgive any typos on my end.

girlfriend/wife…which’s which?


Man U Nangoja 9k msiniangushe

man u wanakaa kuwekwa chini

main girlfriend ni equivalent na wife

Sober up and rewrite your shit …wife, gf, gf’s frnd, wife’s frnd…confused more than u are:(:(:frowning:


Question: Is your girlfriend/wife a mungikiress?

If the answer is yes, then luwere, wewe huoni mwaka mpya. I bet she’s sharpening all the knives in the house as you post threads on Kenyatalk. If you must go back, then try and sleep with one eye open like sungura mjanja, for the foreseeable future. By “foreseeable future” I mean the next one year at the very least. Be always alert, don’t let your guard down, these mungikiresses are cunning as fuck. One day she might welcome you with a sweet smile, sweeter words, yummy food and mind blowing sex. Then when you’re snoring away, with a stupid smile on your face, after achieving the elusive threshold…BAM!!! Your body is receiving an impromptu dissection.

@Ken_Sarro, I know you warned me to stop tagging you, but I believe this is a matter of life and death. Our friend here is basically a walking corpse. What advice can you give him to prevent him from being Okombed? Please help.

OP, if your wife is not a mungikiress then disregard everything I’ve written.


How many sides of everything do you have?


picha ya girlfriend best friend ikuje, this is a minimum mandatory requirement before elders can look at ur case.


SV sharrap

Wewe ni "Elder’??


Pull sheet


Hey you, it’s been ages! I hope uko sawa.
Happy holidays to you.

At what point in an alcohol induced state does a girlfriend turn into a wife?

Thanks the gods we do not have drive in wedding chapels like Vegas.


Wapi mwanaume hapa?


did I say I am? read to understand.

Forgive the offender. He has bigger sins. Anyway, the terms are interchangeable.

Wacha kunisumbua. Am still mourning my former school mate and friend Mike Okombe[ATTACH=full]146887[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]146888[/ATTACH]

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kwani hakua amezikwa hizo siku zote?o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O

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alizikwa two weeks after his death

ok,pole lakini bro

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