Conflict Theory

Too many murders in central region. Is this evidence of pressure on natural resources? High population density and no factories in the region. That means you are either a farmer or forever poor. The only hope for an illiterate drunkard in muchatha or any other gishagi is his father’s land. Land issues are going to be a problem in central for a very long time and you can expect more murders in future, sadly. Land in rural central is extremely valuable as the only factor of production and there isn’t enough to go around. Whenever resources are limited, conflict ensues. Brother turns against brother, children against parents, and wives against husbands. It is a sad state of affairs.

Kikuyus are well known to be good in business and I bet they collectively make a lot of mulla from their enterprises. The real question is where do they spend their money since they are always in perpetual state of scarcity.

Gûtirï mbecha, nû kûgeria

People from the same environment background have almost the same type of behaviour.

I’m not being tribal but I have found that most Kikuyus have genetic variations that make them susceptible to psychopathy, neuroticism, impulsivity, manipulating others, and a limited capacity for empathy.


Nikujaribu tu…

Is it the scarce resources ama stiff competition among the community or the residents know nothing about satisfaction?

We came from a very violent historical background. Self-inflicted and also meted out by others. We had to wage constant wars to displace the Maasai and Dorobo from Central Highlands hundreds of years ago. Just when we settle down and start enjoying the fruits of our labour, mzungu comes knocking with colonialism and displaces us from our land, locks us up in concentration camps and kills many of us. The Mau Mau resistance does much harm to the community also.