was seated wondering of what use is of an anonymous forum rather than spilling out some of the things that the spirit of the great wangu wa makeri would curse.

me and my boys once read some atheist memes from a magazine back then,and by the flow of it were men embarked on a mission,of weirdos.the first on the wishlist was kukamua punda.Yess I said fucking a freaky donkey.well,we gathered our resources together and our intellects searching for the best mother of them all.

sure enough we found one about 60kms away from our village,we were to travel by dusk to the karibu na sokomujinga .arrived safely and rented a maskani,took out our crawbar ,a rope and some blunts such things you can’t do unless high.after locating our crush,we dug some four holes strategically such that when the donkey inserts all its wheels it wunt have a choice but comply.well cant describe the feeling but we initially succeeded in the first task.the rope was to tie the tongue of the donkey.I was the…wacha nchangamkie client hapa nakuja the rest of the weirdo and two more

please no

Run, @Matako ya Punda, run… there’s danger lurking near you!

Ati nini?

after finishing that date,men it was juicy rem we had a dude who was a supplier of the meat,he acknowledge the supply and due to compelling need to wipe away any evidence we just had to sacrifice our exhaustia and slaughter the beautiful creature .it surely hearted all off us but had no choice,but the only valuable items commercially from a donkey are the tail,and the skin plus the steak not the bones

the guy came ss promised and parted with his goods.the next day we were there watching all the village drama but we surely had to keep a low profile since we were some new faces.I managed to capture that as a remembrance for the fallen heroin

this forum is full of sick dogs

I think I have had enough internet for the day

This is more than sick. No, it’s beyond unyama.
No words.

I’m smiling again.this thing have been disturbing me for a while…atleast I got a platform for shots

How do I unread this

muliobado punda?

wish you can set the composure I have at my place of work,and hear the madam boss bragging how a good worker…if only they could get an xray of my life…recovering slowly thou

They say that the first step is admitting that you have a problem. Now that you have taken that first step,fungua roho kijana. Please pray tell more…OF YOUR FURKED UP LIFE!!! OR NOT!


Am I the only when not even fazed with this shit? Kijana tell us more and try a little bit harder…

Colombia hiyo ni initiation kama kutahiriwa huku kwetu

Somewhere out a white man is discovering the next technological breakthrough so that years down the line third world negros can use it to brag about raping donkeys…oh what a world

Uncle tom hujaona thread ya animal brothels meffi

ii nugu imetoka wapi! Next when you feel the need to confess kiNDLY DONT!

and you all mofos why would one believe shiet in an anonymous forum by an anonymous muhaisha mahio.why why why…maisha ni ki viusasa… forgot to tell you,village elder lazima