Dear pussy i love you… you and kiumbitho are the only things that i dedicate my entire savings and life for.


Its going to be a long mad Sunday in this village if this what we waking up to.

Kijana rudi kwa kennel unyonywe utulie, ghasia

@Mosa this is what you doing to talkers…early in the morning

Ziko na meno this days

Umeamka late aje… anyway am one day ahead of normal days. Mimi niko monday saa hii kesho ni tuesday.

Similar thing

Matiangi mbna unaleta watoto mapema

kijana kukauka is real

For real all your life savings. You will truly be remembered for nothing rather than being sarcastic and a loyalist to pleasure. Nb funny pleasure gives funny life

Yes sir… thats how i want to live