Condoms Getting Stuck In Vaginas

hahah wadau mnaamini hii kitu?



wewe ishawahi kuwa stuck in your puussy for that long?


Sometimes back I had this mind blowing sex with a chick, the cd remained inside and had to dip my fingers to get it out. We noticed early. That story is true. The one week is what am surprised man.

one week is a stretch

Yeah it is a stretch, but the guy should have notified the lady, its quite dangerous

Danganya toto jinga… Ati one week…

Kuna jamaa alidevorce wife yake juu ya hii story.

Kama dem haogi unaexpect nini

Nasty biatch didn’t wash her puthy for one week? :smiley:

  1. Condom getting stuck only means the shoes are too big for the foot or you went in while hard and your penis shrank whilst at it.
    always a sign of bad sex.
    Mimi huwa nikimaliza kumwaga ndani kutoa CD ni kama kuvua skinny jeans bado imenata kunata


Not necessarily true…Haujapata milf imecheza na yoni eggs ama kegels mpaka she can manipulate her coomer kama pump. Atakuvua vizuri sana.

True. Happened twice…both had very tight pudesh.

Nigel-pee niaje?

hoe alikaa na cd for a whole week inside her na hakujua , this only means it’s a man who found the condom , probably not the same man …

Errr…more like a stench.

Happened to me once 2013 Rico my first Anal the lanye was more scared than me.Pombe ni kitu mbaya akiii

Hehe the comments!!
Before you have sex with a lady first make her horny n wet
if y’all in a hurry or impatient use k jelly or arimis
The CD mostly gets stuck cz her walls are dry.if you notice that the dick isn’t sliding in with the CD just change the CD

Usidanganye wanakijiji. Arimis itararua condom mblatha…the lubricant has to be water-based and not oil-based kama izo za kujipaka. Enda kwa supermarket section ya mafuta na utafute lube…HIV apana mcheso naniii