People think falling in love is easy but wacha nikushow even if today you met Brad Pitt ama Tyrese and you’re in the following conditions hata akukatie aje hutawes fall in love:

  1. Umesota
  2. You are sick
  3. You are on period or menopause
  4. You are nursing
  5. You are sleep deprived
  6. You are stressed
    7)Pyramid imeanguka na meter zako kadha
  7. Your manager amekuibia in meters
  8. Your kid is sick
  9. You are grieving
  10. You are in Kenya during electioneering period
  11. Your team has lost
  12. Pesa ya kuomba umebet then imepotea

My reach husband’s favourite love song

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My favourite love song

Georgina you don’t have to wash our dirty linen in public! Somehow we have not even been together for a full day na umeanza Kelele Urgh

Unasumbua sana[ATTACH=full]146062[/ATTACH]

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Love this ones always cheers me up when am down

This one sounds like a love song dunno why;list=PLYCj5hDCGNSpdqoUtzMV_Ch1BYvofF2q-


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Wacha hateration enjoy the music.

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Suffering for your art, the starving artistes …

Ths on just goes with grey’s anatomy,makes me cry every time