Concubines and Harlots.....

Throughout history, concubines and prostitutes have provided this earth with a huge % of great men and women. Is there any scientific, religious or social reasons for these ?

@Mundial mum is an example.

Then @Mundial is destined for greatness . Na wewe @Azor Ahai , hii u-point 5, ulitoa wapi.

@administrator @Electronics4u kwa nini mnakubali huu Ujinga wa @Azor Ahai , @Thiem and @Mundial ?

Snitches get stitches

Firwa na wazee lightskin

Nimechapa your mum ka-standing hapa kwa parking after kumnunulia guarana mbili. Tamu kama sungura. Penda sana. Akirudi home mwambie same place and time.:stuck_out_tongue:

You cheap whore :rolleyes::D:D