Concrete Slab

Hi guys,
I’m about to lay concrete slap for my pigstay. Naelezewa kuna tumawe huwekwa which reduces the steel bars and also concrete used.
Any experience?

At has guys who can seriously help you. Also I’m told kwa “mukuru wa Zuckerberg” yaani facebook kuna group called “builders and co-creators” can assist too.Feed us what you find out

First you need to make up your mind about what you want to lay… @blackguards kuja saidia jamaa.

google hollow pot slab

Kwani pigs wako wanaishi upstairs? Why do they need a floor with chuma?

Hii nayo ni gani?
I love Ktalk for learning new things every day

The savings are negligible…your are better of using eps kama unataka kupunguza chuma.

Still no savings. But you reduce slab weight

yeye ni …oink…:smiley: anajijengea

I know that is why i told him the saving are negligible.

@blueline Mkarara kuna biz ya hardcore…

Na ajue mwenye pisty ni OCS :smiley:

zinaitwa waffles,lakini kama wewe ni peasant kabisa enda clayworks order hollow bricks

Theres no shortcut kwa mjengo…deal with it

Saitani! Siku hizi mimi ni msafi kama @pamba
Why don’t you just lay it proper?

They look like this

What tumawes are these? I know of hollow blocks and waffles…

Zinaitwa spacers na hutumika sanasana kwa mjengo inaitumia BRC

They ensure that your steel bars do not protrude under the ceiling after formwork

So… Do they reduce cost of slab?