Concrete perimeter wall

Fundis wa Hapa. How much does it cost to build this type of fence for 50x100 plot?

All the perimeter walls of that nature that I have seen seem to have structural issues… even the one pic you’ve posted iko na hiyo shida…

Umesoma swali kweli? How much does it cost? Tell us.

Dont buy into the hype that wall is not cheap and it will eventually fall down…
A Stone and motar wall for 50×100 plot will cost around 350k - 380k.
You can use reject stones alafu baadye upige key ama plaster.

mawe ni 25 bob kwa quarry

Blocks = 3600 ft x Kes25=Kes90,000 plus transport of Kes 15,000 = Kes 105,000.
Sand = Kes 40,000
Ballast = Kes 30,000
Y15 = 30 x 1500 = Kes 45,000
Labour = 5,000 × 15 days = Kes 75,000
Gate = Kes 50,000
Other expenses = Kes 40,000…Water, equipment…
TOTAL = Kes 390,000

Using reclaimed wood from pallets at Ksh. 260 per pallet, it’s obviously much cheaper than a stone wall. The problem comes in with workmanship.

If all of the fences that Allan Titchmarsh builds on his shows last as long as they do (in rainy/moist UK), you’ll be okay as long as you get a good builder to do it and use a protective finish.

Gikomba has a good and extremely affordable hardware … Other places too …