Concrete Mixer Bussiness

Villagers, who is this business of hiring construction equipment, i am thinking of procuring 2 concrete mixers for hire. Who is doing here and the downsides too.

nunua mpaka cranes,wheelbarrows etc na ujuane na mabigwig wa jeshi ya koroga

I hope you are in the construction industry, otherwise just dont. Construction equipment including lorries used for transport only favor those in the industry e.g masons, engineers, architects etc because they have the networks. The last thing you want is having idle equipment because you couldn’t find work. It’s not like a matatu where clients come to you as long as you are on the road, in construction, you look for the client or they are REFERRED to you.

Wewe ni shoga, construction industry sahii monopoly ni waria na beneficiaries was Uhuru. Ukitaka poa nunua bitcoins sahii Kenya economy inaelekea pabaya

jamaa anataka kununua mixer mbili awe anakodisha akina wakameat wakiwa na tukoroga,haendi ligi kubwa

Okay, am an engineer, my brother is in the industry…so am seeking opinions of people in the industry

Sahii kenya we are headed to a very dark place. Kama uko na pesa ficha chini ya kitanda

Not necessarily true… All you need is a good team and word of mouth. I know someone who was a shopkeeper who ventured into the business with secondhand equipment but now he making a killing.

Ukweli Kabisaa Wakanyama. Lazima pia anapeana kakitu maboyz watafute wira

Familiarity bias:- YOU are in the construction industry.
Survivorship bias:- How many shopkeepers do you think would succeed in such a competitive industry? Just because you know about one success story doesn’t mean it would be a smart move for outsiders.

Mr. Randy. You have biases that you obviously aren’t aware of. What’s best for YOU wouldn’t be good for everyone. You are telling him what would work for YOU, not him.

You are selling fear…its not complicated as long as you do your homework you are good to go. Most of the so called competitors have shitty equipment all one has to do is offer highly efficient equipment to gain an edge over the others.

That’s a really good start if you want to venture into the construction business.(if you are not a building contractor) you also will/may need some other supporting business activity that will attract your target clientele who may/want to hire your stuff…
Personally from experience, tools are a very good investment, eventually (even though it may take looking) you’ll get your money’s worth +profit. Chuma huwa haiozi. And you can still resell them.
If you decide to get them. Ongea na mtu wa hardware unajua… They can really help.

Kwani ni Nairobi tu (apparently this is where you have seen the momnopolisation) kunajengwa?
Construction projects are going on all over the country,he just needs to identify where he would want to position his mixers…

I feel encouraged. Let me do more homework

As I said before, you have two biases that you can’t see.

So yout trust a virtual currency that can flop in a blink of an eye.Afadhali ungesema bitcoins and diversify with other things kama Forex ama wizi.