I have joined this kijiji weeks ago and observed enough to correctly conclude that men here are weak mentally and socially. Never seen such a mass number of men with no self worth, grown men boasting and showing off the cheap whores they hit over the weekend. Most of the men here have families and are putting their families at risk suppose you infect your wives HIV and both of you die ,who will take care of the children.
If you’re so proud of the malaya you sleep with, why don’t you stop being anonymous and share their photos on FB and instagram. Deep inside you are an insecure beta man with 2inch cock trying to prove a point.

Let he who has no sin be the first one to cast a stone.

Nv chieth Kama hukubaliani na yanayo tendeka hapa then what are you still doing here, si uondoke tu and create your righteous forum
When you go to Rome behave like the Romans ghaseeeeer

Nani amekuanika madhe? Name and shame him

Kila mtu aiishi maisha kivyake.
Mtu analipia malaya anakusumbua kwa nini? Si ni pesa zake.

[SIZE=5]NVChieth has a point.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]But NVChieth you should take all sentiments aired out on this forum with a large grain of salt.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The forum is made up of self proclaimed alpha males. If you were to meet a cow like @uwesmake in person you would understand. Jamaa anachapwa na bibi nyumbani but carries himself like Chuck Norris hapa.[/SIZE]

You sound guilty , is a lanye laying next to you?

How hypocritical of you.


Tena si ni wewe ulipost picha ya hii lanye inatwa Janet.


Who said anything about his fucking money it’s about your own value. Ndio uanze kilala na malaya ya hapo club how do you value yourself. Are you so ugly that you have to pay for pussy?

[SIZE=5]The first to point the finger is usually the #1 culprit.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Very stupid guy.[/SIZE]

:D:D:Dmalisa kabisa ii kijiji ya abunuwasi kabisa malisa. But like wigsplitta said take everything here with a large grain of salt most guys here do the exact opposite of what they preach. Mtu anapiga tarumbeta hapa kuhusu MGTOW alafu anarudi nyumbani kwa bibi.

I believe most people here are smart and well informed and this forum is actually full of wisdom here and there. Where it fails is anything regarding sex and relationships na kua mbirrionea ju kila mtu hapa ni bank otuch rivaling Solomon in both wealth and concubines

:D:Dii kijiji hunimaliza kila siku


Riuuu gaka kauma nakuu.
Hijioo ni makuu

Anafaa apewe kofi ya stima

Yenyewe huyu jamaa ni kombamwiko tena ule mweusi.

Swafi CSI

Finish this attention seeking biatch.

Kusema tu ukweli a majority of men who fuck malayas huwa insecure beta males or they tend to have a small members, so for them fucking many bitches is to prove a point. To validate their masculinity. Usishangae wengi wao bibi zao hukulwa nje sana. Tunawajua.

nVchieth umbwa ghassia takataka

Ghaseer unajaribu kuattract traffic…if Kijiji haina sense logout.kwenda kabisaa