Concern in Kakamega as children drop out of school, resort to escorting bodies from morgues

A section of students in Kakamega county have abandoned school and are now engaging in bodaboda business which they say is an easy and fast way of making in money

According to the Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance (KETCA) chairman Joel Gitali many youths in the county seem to have joined the booming bodaboda business and enjoy the bit of escorting bodies from the morgue to their ancestral homes for burial earning a paltry 500 per escort…

“Hundreds of school boys dropped out of school especially during the Covid-19 pandemic period and started escorting the bodies in a msafara where they are paid 500 per trip which prompted a bigger number to join the business, most of them use alcohol, bhang among other evil things ,”KETCA national chairman Joel Gitali told K24 digital.

Kakamega county bodaboda chairman Robert Amachonye blamed parents for not advising their male children to take education seriously.

” Parents are the ones to be blamed and some of the financial institutions that credit motorcycles to under age people to engage in the business, urging the relevant authorities to intervene or else we shall end up having a big number of school children not attending school,”Amachonye said .

He added that the business of escorting bodies from mortuary is done especially on Thursdays and Fridays where they are paid good monies and are engaged in several trips on a single day.

Kakamega county Director of Education Stephen Barongo revealed that a number of students have dropped out of school joining the bodaboda sector urging local leaders, church leaders and community to identify the so called school dropout to go back to school to achieve the one hundred percent transition.

Western regional traffic commander Joseph Matiku said there is increase in motorcycle accidents mostly involving the age of 15 to 25 years warning riders against contravening the road safety rules with some driving without licenses.

Matiku said culprits will be charged in a court of law for flouting traffic rules

Nikiwa junior, std 1, mboys wa neighbor alisema aendi shule, ataenda kuchuna kahawa. Every kid who used to live within 4 blocks from our house was summoned to an emergency meeting.
Tukapata boy amelala chini kwa ground ananyeshewa viboko. Then the riot act was read out loudly, regarding missing school and picking coffee.
Then kufika std 5, car wash menace was the thing amongst school going kids, hii D.O na KANU Youth Wingers waliingilia kati, it was ruthless.
All these things revolve around poverty

There are towns in Kenya hata kupata mtoto anaenda high school ni shida, teenage boys wanakuwa boda, teenage girls get pregnant and stay at home, very strange places hadi unajiuliza uko Kenya gani

si mlisema that money is the end goal ,kids are just following after the adults.

Waiting for @patco achangie huu mjadala.

Cant say anything negative juu bodas have given youth more employment opportunities than the govt…unaweza imagine how life would have been without them…shida ni accidents on a daily.

I concur. If stories like za Njenga Karume are fodder for Motivation, why should they resist.
Joblessness is way a bigger menace.Tumeona wengi na masomo kubwa kubwa kwa vijiji wakifanya mjengo.Whattundu??
I’d say chase the Mullah.

just watch out money corrupts the soul

Kama wapi huku?
It’s interesting the article says a “paltry 500” per escort. Yet Kanairo kuna watu hawanusi hata hiyo pesa per day. na ni wazee