Another job seeker narrating their experience said that, " I attended a training program, and exchanged my number with someone who had also attended the training program. The guy called me a week later telling me that there was a job opportunity somewhere and that I should refer someone whom I know is seeking a job to apply. Upon applying, my friend was called for an interview and asked to pay Ksh 20,000 so as to get the job.
Considering how much she was being offered for the job, she blindly gave the money and went home to wait for their call. Up to date, she has never been called and the number used to call her for the interview is no longer in service."
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A few of the disillusioned victims who managed to make their way back into the country after their dreams were shattered in Dubai are demanding government intervention.
Hamisi Juma, one of those duped by the shady recruiters narrated how after leaving a job paying Ksh40,000 a month and parting with Ksh200,000, he was ultimately abandoned with his ilk in Dubai.
Juma highlights that during their time there, in lieu of the promised jobs, they instead were virtually imprisoned in small rooms.
“We were living 50 people in one room, both men and women. We were never allowed to go out, it was like a prison. We sneaked out and went to the Kenyan embassy but we were never assisted."
Rogue recruiting agencies have resurfaced to cash in on the employment prospects occasioned by the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
Some of those who have found themselves in the unfortunate position have resorted to prostitution to earn money according to Mwanamvua Juma who was there as well.
One of the victims of the scam, Douglas Mwazombo, detailed how a recruiter virtually enslaved them and confiscated their passports.
“She picked us from the airport and treated us well before she confiscated our passports and started treating us like slaves. Our embassy in Dubai did not help us."
The situation for those still stranded in Dubai is dire. A few of the Kenyans who have made it back are demanding that the government organise a raid on the room where they were housed.

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