Con game

Wewe enda nyumbani kwanza

Women are always gullible why engage with numbers that aren’t from safaricom’s number and follow instructions?

Hahaha what has led you to think that I believe the guy? I knew immediately the I read the message and I engaged him because its fun when someone thinks they are smarter than you only for them to discover tar has nothing on them far as thickness is concerned. I don’t mean the con alone

Kumbe unaitwa Warwathia, ama ni jina ya bae? ;):wink:

That comment that I replied to.


[ATTACH=full]48789[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]48790[/ATTACH]

for every 20 pple who receive such message, atleast one of them will be conned…

Ndo maana nilikol nikapata uko mteja? smh

itabidi wabadilishe style hii tumechoka nayo

Manze, Diesel imepanda bei.
Watu wakuwe sure kabla ya kuitisha TATA.
Madam inaonekana ulikanyaga ndizi mahali…


hehehe. Kuna mutu ametusio

He he .@unclenyam this is your fault. Nitajilipishia

as for me nakuanga polite with them[ATTACH=full]48983[/ATTACH]