Con Alert

Jst picked a few from the dead beat n con alert telegram channel …thou did not expect women to be this popular at the con game


Kindly I need you to expose this for me. We used to play a chama together ya wamama. Table banking to be precise. Akachukua loan ya 29k.
She defaulted and we gave her ample time to return the cash. She said we give her time by september she will sort us out. But she didnt honour her promise
By october we decided to go to her house
Only to learn dame alihama plus alitravel to Dubai. And we were not the only ones who were conned
It seems she used our money to process her visa
Lakini Mungu halali amekuwa DEPORTED. And several people have seen her around Mombasa.(Watu wa Mombasa mkimwona torokeni)

It pains me. Manake we really sacrificed alot. Kusave pesa through table banking
Wengine wako jobless. Wanajinyima kuleta pesa kwa chama


I used to work for this woman until the contract ended. We are 40 people who used to work for her but has refused with our October salary. Upto now she hasn’t paid even a single cent and doesn’t care how any of us survive. She said she will pay us when she feels like paying but we have families to take care of! Kindly shame this woman so she can pay up,she acts all tough but has to know that we worked for that money and we deserve every cent of it. She is Maureen R Karanja

She changed her number. The company is Pulse Experiential Limited

0707 466037


They came to Kapsabet, claimed to work for a Micro Finance company inaitwa Wisdom. Took peoples savings , assessment fee, Loan hazijafika n they were to give the Loan on wednesday juzi… Wameenda off wote

There contacts.

0790193593-Ruth Kemunto.
0786886929 -Wisdom Micro Finance company Office number.

Ukiona hawa,report them to the nearest police station.
Reward given…

Wakisii mkiona huyu kisii,peleka yeye Nyamira Police station…
You dnt go and take advantage of the village people…

Wezi hawa.


Hi I want to Shame and warn others of this lady…she goes by the name Suegray Anyango(same name on fb) she is a con, I sold her handbags worth 10k from July last year n she refused to pay me my money only to block me everywhere n shift from her house where I knew,.
She uses to stay in Bamburi.
We used to attend the same church ,that’s how we met…
She works At Awanad enterprises.

Beware of mkimuona mwambie alipe handbags yawa.

[ATTACH=full]71387[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]71388[/ATTACH]


There is this guy i gave 140,000/= on march 2013. He managed to pay 30,000/= via Mpesa the same year but kutoka hapo he blocked me everywhere.
He used to have an office at Madonna house, westlands; stayed at imara daima. Of late i don’t know his whereabouts.
He goes by the name Oliver Kiiru Ndegwa ( fb oliver Ndegwa). His I’d no 22151248.
Shame on you Oliver 2013- 2016 three years down the line is long overdue.
Lips deni na ulipe na commission. Bure kabisa.

Kama unamjua,mwambie dawa ya deni ni kulipa


Hi There is this lady currently playing for Kenya volleyball team (malkia)Kenya prison police she has conned me 105k in the name of ata ni-importia some stuff in China n her mum health where should I start

I met this lady on tagged by name Regina K, introduced herself to public as Nyambura, stays in langata women prison , she is a police woman and Kenya volleyball team ladies, with time she told me she is in China I ordered her some domestic items she promised to buy for me n I pay onces I get them, in the process she told me the cargo flight needs some 30k due to dollar fluctuations which I sent. Two wks later she said the cargo is at eldoret n will be soon at Nairobi, she delivered clothes at my office worth 25k I didn’t pay I promised to pay later , within the weak she said the stuff are in Nairobi we met at Knut equity branch n I gave her 45k as the deposit of the stuff, the delivery of the stuff to my HSE came with so many issues n excuse how her mum is sick n that’s y she can deliver, one Sunday she requested me to go to her place n pick 30k n send to her , I did not go so I told her I send the cash then once she gets home to send back since then she has been mteja only text but Neva picks my call

She uses the name Ann on mpesa
0722112223 is her number.
Mkimwona mwambie arudishe pesa.tunaelewa prison guards ain’t paid a lot of cash,but there are many ways of hustling.


tumia plus messenger uachane na hizi adverts


hiyo ya suegray, jaluos don’t pay.


Wako swafi sana ongeza more pics…

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huyo wa kwanza anaitwa maggie na tunatafuta job na yeye dubai, ni mkamba


nataka kukamua suegray anyango safi sanaa

Huyo Suegray akuje, nimejitolea kulipa madeni yake yooooote. Na nimnunulie wheelchair juu nikimaliza na iyo ikusde yake hataweza kutumia miguu for at least 3 days.


maggie is not yet deported we were with her today

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Huyo jamaa Oliver, he paid something. Con men don’t pay anything… get the whole story… Tuendelee

next mtaona @Purr_27 ameandikwa ni mwizi wa makaa na @Jirani juu alinyimwa vitu despite having a X6.

Authenticating hizo posts is impossible. Mudslinging tu ndio naona.

Hiyo no.2, report to the nearest Labor Relations Officer (ama wanaitwaje siku hizi, under ministry of labor). Hizo pesa atalipa.


:D:D:Dwe achana na @Purr_27

Ambia yeye alipe madeni bwana

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the posts have proved the old adage what men can do women can do better

Amesha kugawia?

Mwambie watu wa chama wamemuwekea wanted … hiyo 29k alipe.:D:D:D


Mwonyeshe hii thread.

Wanawake kula pesa ya chama ni common sana.

kwanza ni admin wa grp ya job seekers, but kumwambia itamwongesa stress akijua ameanikwa na hajapata job yet