Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa.....

Just been elected to head the ANC and on course to becoming the next plesident of satafrica. He beats Ndlamini Zuma with 179 votes…huyo mwoman aende akikauga Viva Cyril

hii si ni ile nugu rafiki ya babuon?


NASA will postpone inoculation of the people’s president because Baba will go for swearing in of Ramaposa to ANC chair.

Ramaphosa is a billionaire like mzito Uhuru. Hope he has his people’s interest at heart.

Hopefully his biz acumen will be impacted on the country.


Nimeona video fulani venye president Zuma ameshika nare!!! He really wanted the ex wife to succeed him! But honestly Ndlamini does not inspire leadership under her the AU has been very inept!

Lenga hiyo… Ama vile waswahili husema, zika kwa kaburi la sahau!

Congrats to Ramaphosa. I was supporting Zuma so that I could witness the complete meltdown in SA had she won. It would have been like Trump usa internal civil wars.

Cyril is to ANC wat OneJiggy is to NASWA.


I’m happy for Cyril that nut case lady had started ile BS ya blacks will be given white farms shit !

dont forget that he comes from a small tribe, sotho, and Zuma openly campaigned against him. Ni kama kamwana aruke Ruto aamue to campaign for anna waigulu
congrats cyril bt we shall revisit the marikana issue

Huyo ni mzito built up his power base as a trade unionist with COSATU and owns some mining companies.

Acha Wasotho pia nao wapate kiti since Zuma is a Zulu while Mbeki and Mandela are Xhosa. I find Sotho and Tswana women quite sexy.

I think we need to adopt a strong party system such as that of south africa in order to deal with tribalism

atwoli wa huko, but more biz savvy…problem is that our worker’s unions dont have a huge say in national politics…sad

uko south Africa?

Niko hapa Soweto ya Kayole wakameat. :D:D:D:D:D.

but monthlante was also from a minority…although nimeona deputy ni mzulu ndio amechukua…he beat our daughter inlaw sisulu marginally. so expect power games between mabuza and cyril because mabuza is a power hungry zulu who doesnt really get along with cyril. Alafu most NEC seats have gone to zulus led by comrade mbalula. cyril atakua na shida kweli

Yeah, it seems JZ will still control the government from the shadows. He is a very sly old man because he has managed to hold on to power for this long despite his corruption and sex scandals.