Computer shops and outdated items.

The only person who has to be worried ni mtu anataka win 11. As long as your comp ikona ram ya 4 gb and above uko sawa as long as you do not do jobs like processing 4k videos.

Wow amazing how can I get that deal too… unlike say @Axelrod deal of around 40-50k same gadget?

Where?How? Can we access at the best prices in the market… personally I’d like to do some python

I am a system developer and whenever I have to install a system at a client’s site, I am met with some people still using windows xp and very outdated processors, yet I want to install linux as a server. Most of the time i have to advice them to buy to buy atleast core2 duo. So I guess these guys bado watanukisha kitunguu for some time

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Ziiii. Windows 11 requires some special security hardware architecture, most of what you idiots here think is the latest piece of gadget will be rendered useless. It’s best to wait for a few months for the ndovu kuu 11 to land then buy the hardware meant for it. Else hata izo mnaita Corei7 ni garbage

i am running windows 11 comfortably on duo core machine and also a outdated core i3 4th gen laptop

At times I stare while amused kidogo how folk jump through hoops

Wapi msee, nichanue na utumie paybill

A guy bought them at the kpa auction that was juzi. He bought mzigo flani in bulk. Ilikuwa loose cargo ya Dell system units, sffs. Hakuwa anajua specs za hizo system units, so apo apo kwa auction I gave him 9k for one. Akafanya hesabu, he had bought mzigo yote for 120k (loose cargo was being auctioned by weight) and on opening, mzigo had like 40 system units. So ata nikiuza zote 9k bado niko mchuzini. He tried to squeeze some more out of me nikajifanya sitaki.
Later, ikielekea kuisha, nikienda kutoka, nikaona amenifuata “leta pesa”

Maybe Google Stadia will be the way to game and finally make consoles a thing of the past.

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It’s a real challenge when budget constraints push us toward these older models. Last week, I found myself hunting down a Windows XP bootdisk for a buddy’s machine. In my neck of the woods, the PC shops are like a time capsule – Core 2 Duos and i3s partying like it’s 2009. Drivers? A blast from the past. I prefer surfing online shops (like for updated modern models. How do you guys shop for your tech details?

Hii ndio pia mimi ilinishinda am an avid gamer and those machines can only play games pre-2010, so I build my own pc, It’s really difficult tracking each item down
but I have

64gig Ram - 32k
i7 8th gen - 40k
gtx 4090 - 80k

Plays fortnite on 4k 120fps+. Doing 3d desing is very smooth.

Anyway kama unataka kutumia excel na word dell optiplex 4gb ram core 13 iko sawa kabisa.


Haha LMAO. I’m going to call bullshit on this one. No one buys a 4090 to pair it with an 8th gen i7. Furthermore, no one with a 4090 will call it “gtx”. Worse, there is nowhere on earth you are going to get a 4090 for less than $1200 in 2024


Umekamata huyo mikora. What the hell is gtx 4090. Ama the chinese walifanya miujiza wakatoa the ray tracing calabilites ndio iuziwe that cheap :green_emoji:


Jamaa inakuja kutuuzia uoga huku. Shameless kabisa