Computer Mouse Review - Nyamgondho son of Ombare

Greetings talkers,

Just the other day, @Thirimaii posted a thread on this section seeking advice on a mouse. Nyamgondho, as the supreme leader of this section, advised talkers to consider mice priced between 8,000 Ksh to 13,000 Ksh. However, as usual people like @Sidindi Bey went on a tribalistic diatribe in a bid to discount my godly opinion.

I admit, you can still get a good mouse at 5K or even 4K. Actually, this is a decent price point for a wired mouse. Not forgetting mice like the Razer Basilik and Logitech G305 wireless will cost about 6K. (Below is a picture of Logitech mice (Left is an old one I bought 6 years ago, Centre is my G305 wired, and right is the MX anywhere 3 compact)


However, Nyamgondho wuod Ombare advises that you buy only gaming mice, even if you are not going to play computer games. That’s because the DPI is usually decent and adjustable, they come with high quality dongles (if you need one) and offer a lot of functionality such as programmable keys. And in keeping with this tradition, the Nyamgondho purchased the Logitech MX anywhere 3 compact mouse.

Now why did Nyamgondho purchase the Logitech MX 3? Here are the reasons.

  1. Ability to work on any surface: All my mice require a mouse pad when working on surfaces such as polished marble and glass. This is not a problem when I am in the house. But in hotels, cafes and some public spaces glass tables are common. The Logitech Mx Anywhere 3 can work on any surface including glass and marble.

  2. Infinite Scroll Wheel. The scroll wheel on the MX series Logitech mouses is really amazing. You have to experience it to understand. Simply put, the wheel doesn’t stop turning until you tell it to. This is really useful when scrolling long pieces of code or long webpages. It also gives you granular ability to micro-scroll. Theoretically you can scroll line by line or pixel by pixel.

  3. Rechargeable over USB-C: No need for batteries, just charge it via USB-C and keep going. 1 minute of charge gives you 3 hours of use.


  1. Retains my minimum Nyamgondho requirements: For wireless mice, Nyamgondho must have customizable buttons, ability to connect to three devices at the same time and native DPI adjustment. This mouse meets these minimum requirements.

MOUSE is an acronym and as such cannot be abbreviated as Mice when many, You said you’re the Admin in this part of the Forum, you should know this. Alafu kuna kitu productive unaeza fanya na iyo Mouse ya 10k? other than feeling good using a Chinese copy of the device?

First, @Josto Bwaku the mouse is quoted at 13,500 ksh locally. I believe this is the price you should reference.

Second, Nyamgondho makes a couple of errors from time to time. But before you correct your Supreme leader, you should first do thorough research. And in this instance, you are wrong and that confirms why you remain my subject in this realm of the forum! Condemned to the dungeons of indignity where you continue to rot. Here is the Cambridge dictionary for confirmation of your sorry status!


I greatly appreciate any reviews made by the nyamgondho

I have been struggling with this. Thanks @Nyamgondho

Wuod obare you are letting your ancestors down, discussing and showing us your computer mice.
A man of your status should be discussing Mercedes bana.

My dormant Logitech G602. Was 15k in 2017. 11 programmable buttons. Infinite scrolling. Zero lag. Works on all surfaces.
I now have a wired Logitech M500 I got at 5k. Tilt side scrolling and 7 programmable buttons. I used to do 3D animation and motion graphics so these were and still are great mice. Every other lower priced mouse is inferior. Loud clicks. Few lenient buttons. Kwanza hizi brown box mice za 250bob ziko kila place. You have to sanitize your palm back at home.
I’d give anything to have my receiver back.