Complicated Circumstances

Can anyone figure it out … ??? :D:D


It’s a land of scarce resources. Kuna wale wamezao mate wengine wakila nyama

A Diabolical Mental Torture of the worst kind possible … :D:D

That’s @Trucker , background ni @uwesmake and silicon vaginad @Weyn .

It’s a once-upon-a-time familiar scenario from eons ago: the complaining juvenile must be housed by the carnivore eating meat. He should learn this: don’t get mad, get busy; get your own den and kill your own meat, instead!:smiley:

Kombi! The dudes are about to run train through her tunnel!!

Sounds like a good plan … :smiley:

Chain manenoz she will also make a 90 Degree clockwise turn.Sloppy seconds loading…

Ya mkamba mshamba illiterate maskini @PHARMACY huuuza kuma 50 bob per shot mlolongo