Compe Ya Nyonyo Part 1

Part 1

Campus, specifically 3rd year was my Party and bliss year. It was the year I learnt how to play several women at once. It was the year I met Coolz, JKDaniels and Dvd Strong my 3 party friends, I horned all tricks to get into clubs past bouncers. It was the year, I got into my first adult fight. I actually am not sure how I didn’t get discontinued but that’s another days tale. This hekaya is about my friend Coolz, a competition, and some girls.
Coolz was a huge guy, but the PR engine of our Boy club and I don’t know how he did it but he had skills to convince almost anyone to do anything. Just Like the godfather, he always offered guys deals they couldn’t refuse. So it was a normal Friday, lectures ended early around Midday, I pass by Coolz hostel and I meet he has two chicks in a competition of whose tits are prettier, he had such shenanigans often so sikuwa suprised .

So these dumb college chicks wametoa boobs nje ati wanatoshanisha na kucompete nani ana nyonyo supuu. Hapo hapo nkaingia kuwa judge panelist. Ilikuwa ni kuambia kunguru pose hivi pose vile, toa hii etc bulshit huku tukivuta kadunhill, Coolz akatoa kamzuka (weed) and it didn’t take long before they were both Naked na Kaweed kalikuwa kameanza kazi. Coolz akapata choosing rights, akachagua round titied, nikachukua small boobed. My fren shida ya Coolz, due to big body ni mtu ya shot moja mimi threshold lazima, and that’s how that Friday started……

Hekaya short kuliko length ya gif, no content at all

Niggaz here behaving like bitches with their passes. Why waste our time and bundle with such short shenanigans? Kubaff!!!

nimeachia hapo…


sort deek syndrome

part 2 imeisha