compare your uncles to your siblings

observe how your parents relate to their siblings (uncles and aunties). Most probably that is the same way you will be with your siblings.

This is very true. Siblings hukosana vibaya sanaa na the best way to atleast prevent “fighting” is to be as far away from each other as possible, meeting just once or twice in a year

sisi the only child hatunanga hizi mashida ndogo ndogo

Especially when money is involved

Kwetu tuko Sawa lakini we meet like two times per year. Shida ni hizi majike zinaolewa na brothers na kuleta ujuaji na fitina. Husbands wa masiste ni watu wa nguvu Sana hata wakitembea lazima wakujenge kakitu na wanunue kamnyweso (though nimeokoka nowadays)

Bwana chiff uliokoka lini. Tuma kitu ni confirm kama uko Kwa book of life.

Mimi nilizaliwa na dada mmoja tu so pia sisi hatuna hizi shida.
My uncles are 11, aunties 13 from 4 grandmas. Uncles are very close, you would think they have same mother…these guys have always owned businesses together and do drink together every other evening…lakini kwa ma auntie utajua tu kuna shida, they aren’t as close. Ujinga ni ati since uncles are close they also expect us cousins to be close…imekataa!

kwetu ni the opposite, we are close as cousins. Lakini wazazi wetu, wueh !!

i think polygamy na being conservative ndio ili affect our fathers but generation yetu we are more close with our brothers and sizs

I concur…nikiwa mtaani we go to our local with my two bros and pia biz tunachapa pamoja but kuna mmoja alioa taliban,a true daughter of jezebel…otherwise even for our sisters tunakuwanga bumper to bumper.

I hate my cousins and uncles from my dads side.

Relatives from your maternal side will love you more than those from your paternal side

I don’t even know all the names of my sisters kids. Najua tu 1st born

Inakuwanga hivo kwanini

Yet you know the names of all the mbotches in the plot that you are the caretaker of

tricky…My mum was an only child. Her mum was an oly child. Her father was the only kid that survived into adulthood.
Basically I have no relatives on mum’s side.

Kuna auntie yangu aliwekelea uncle yangu risasi ya matako …for what it’s worth. Dunno if that counts… as being close.

We are programmed with our parents. So we have the high chances of behaving like them. In short nyoka ni nyoka an kunguru awachi fedhas

Sisi siblings we are very close , since mzae vile alikufa tukiwa wadogo na hakuwacha kakitu, we have helped each other a lot, sahi kila mtu amesoma na akona millions kwa account