Compare these two scenarios.Makes you think

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Placard waving graduate (insert others here)looking for a job

Dude released from prison Feb 2016 after 11 years
Got a Ksh 100,000 loan to buy seedlings and lease land
Has since expanded the land to 4 acres
Employs 10-15 casual workers
Grows for the export market


Shiny eyes vs - - - - :D:D

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There’s an article I’ve read that majority of farmers are between 60-62…most youth have moved to urban areas and shun farming.

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60-62 is also youth, you know weta n babuon are youths.


These guys were in “prison” and graduated with some honours. While one got theoretical knowledge, the other got practical knowledge plus the discipline to push it through.
The results are clear.
Of NV’s na maswali mengi…I’m not advocating for jail in order to make it.


And even at @FieldMarshal CouchP njoo ujibu hii swali. o_O:D

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farmers doing which farming because i dont agree with those figures

homowebdev unapeleka @Atwoli na gothbuttshit wapi christmas?

In Nairobi / kenya, there’s people looking for a job and those looking for work. There is plenty of casual labor work. It pays low but you will eat. Somehow a uni graduate is a beggar, but he chooses how to merely survive ( when there is no choice). I blame it on British colonial values.


osungu nakuwanga amepiga mimi chenga.
i dont have figures to support but would say majority of horticultural farmers in kenya are between 35-55 and the new farmers are generally younger early 20s and 30s

Couldn’t find the article. It had a old shiny eye mzee pulling a mkokoteni full of cabbage as the picture