Company Registration

Hey Ktalkers, hope unako tafutia unga kuko poa.
I would like to know how much doea it cost to register a company in kenya currently, for maybe partnership type of business, and how long does it take for all the papers to be out at a point where you can now start your business?

Your response is highly appreciated.

umegoogle? umeingia e citizen?

Ridding on your thread.

Qn: if you register a company and you fail to keep it up and running is there tax accruing If so how much

Qn: if you register a company, let’s like Dohty family and major stakeholders sell out their shares and you feel like changing the company’s name to something like Demakufu entertainment hapo kuta enda aje?

Ingia google utapata majibu mia moja. Start with opening an account on e citizen. You will start with a search on ecitizen. If the name is available you go to registration. Fee ya searc ni mia na registration ni 10650.

Can apply for dormancy pale iTax… If all the shares are sold you update your CR7 and you can rename

Can walk to any upstart law firm, think it’s 20K till you get your cert of inc.

If you ulpoad all the requisite information, in a week you have your papers ready. Assuming your name search was succesful.

If you are doing it personally, have an e citizen account and roughly 11k in your mpesa to pay for the registration and name search.

On Question 1, the moment a company is registered, it has automatic obligations like vat, paye, and Income Tax Company. You are required by the Income Tax Act to file nil returns in scenarios where you are not doing business/not transacted.

Failure to file a return should be 10k for each month for paye & vat. For Income tax, its 10k per annum.

Am in deep there’s a company by KRA pin

I stand advised