Company policies

I recently secured a job in a new company but their policies are somehow too tough. One, they dont allow personal phones in the company, they offer you a company phone which they have restricted access to multiple apps. Clocking in is biometric, and you must don the uniform and name tag. Alcoblow checks are randomly conducted…the company is owned by a white. What policies are there in your company?

that’s the norm in the western hemisphere. sio ka hapa kenya bana, you are seeking services, lakini the oerson who is supposed to assist you yuko kwa techno akiuliza mambo ya nyama choma. the most annoying experience ever.
do you think we should adopt the same in .ke ?

during my last visit to a doctor he started checking his whatsapp messages when i was explaining my problem and i really felt insulted.

Hio job inakaribia slavery.

Unless he is the only specialist around, you should just leave after giving him your reasons. Juzi tu hao receptionist wa daktari were Facebooking mbele tu ya clients, although they were not keeping us waiting, you end up questioning the professionalism in that clinic

i don’t blame you for feeling tat way.

no, it ain’t, you really dont wanna employee people, only for them to spend time on their smart gadgets, they might even be recording some processes to sell to your competitors

He was on Google trying to find a solution to your problem.

Really???:D:DI can tell you it really felt bad talking to someone and he’s just going hm distractedly…to a point where even when i stopped speaking and just looked at him he went on for some time before he realized i had stopped talking aand looked up. in any case he had a comp with internet on the desk why google from phone?

hao ndio original E grade material

Shukuru uko na kazi. They at least give you a phone so you not off the grid completely in case of emergency. Why do you need apps in work hours?

The companies I have worked for is only that they do not tolerate personal laptops. They provide you with one.Uniforms are nonsense for white collar jobs.
Name Tags are actually a necessity if your job is interacting with customers.
Alcoblow is compulsory in the oil and gas industry if you work at the technical level.In fact, even visitors to some of the Depots for certain companies are checked for alcohol levels, leave alone employees.
Same to Laboratories.

Out there , kuna watu more qualified than you who don’t have jobs na wewe unanung’unikia trivialities… Like @PrimalFear has said, shukuru uko na job…shenji.

They are recommended in MBA classes…good for the building of esprit de corps

anamiss facebook akiwa kazini

I hope you told him off…walai mimi ukinibeba ujinga i don’t how to bite my tongue.

Labda alikuwa anapost kww kijiji venye uko na meno brown


And what was your problem…may be the docs here will help you. Internet medicine anyone?

nilipona, thanks for asking.