Companies That Don't Pay Staff in time

How long have you gone without pay?

@Tia Dalma Is there no law against this practice of delaying worker’s pay?

Kama hakuna pesa then hakuna salary .I know this too well .This year nimeanza kupata salary mwezi wa Tisa.Ata saa hii bado kupata everything but I understand .Things started being thick last year sababu ya election and most businesses hawaja recover.

halafu upate ulipigia kura jubilee

naweza kucheka nikufe

Tengeza coffin .It’s about time .Everyone was /is affected by the financial challenges whether Jubilee or CORD.

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hehehe…welcome to the employment shit.
Unajipata end month u only buying milk n bread kea supermarket sea engine wanasukuma overflowing trolleys…then wakisha sota hapo mid month wewe ndio unaskuma overflowing trolley pekee
Salaries zinakuwa freestyle ni kunoma,
saa hio wafanyi kazi wako are expecting to be paid on time… [SIZE=3]I used to pay my farm workers using my Salo then I recover from the farm but nikamea akili…if they work n collect wanalipwa early…[/SIZE]
sisi kampuni ndio imerecover last month after serious downsizing…from 238 staff to 120…previously tulikuwa na arrears za 2 months! na say hiss directors wanalipwa even before end of month

is it in time or on time. I take in time to mean before the required time

And then unaona mtu hapa akiniuliza kama nilivote jubilee ,the financial problems affected many businesses.As a worker I understood that the business was not doing well and instead of quitting I worked harder to make a sale/bring income where possible .

you know whats sad here?

That after all that suffering you still dont see a correlation between your choices and poor business perfomance.

Are you this dense? or you just ignorant as ferk

I have not been paid for 10 consecutive months,Am a seconded staff in a construction project by the Client,the Contractor is a shit hole

Siasa mbaya maisha mbaya.

10 months, how do u go to the same job everyday, izaa buda

You are reach. Mimi nisipolipwa mwezi moja hata credit siwezi afford.

I am what you think I am in your eyes until you meet me . But I wouldnt wish to meet you.Thank you.

Business is bad because a certain loser never accepts defeat

10 months? I am sure the job is fulltime… how do you survive?

Can you prove you are an employee. Many of such cases there is even no proof you are an employee, you are owed a salary of 10 months.

(2) Subject to subsection (1), wages or salaries shall be deemed to be due—
(a) in the case of a casual employee, at the end of the day;
(b) in the case of an employee employed for a period of more than a day but not exceeding one month, at the end of that period;
(c) in the case of an employee employed for a period exceeding one month, at the end of each month or part thereof;
(d) in the case of an employee employed for an indefinite period or on a journey, at the expiration of each month or of such period, whichever date is the earlier, and on the completion of the journey, respectively

You are ignorant as they come. You got called out after your comment. No point trying to make yourself feel good.

My policy has always been simple. Employees first.

We sign an attendance register daily & we have the deployment letter
is that an adequate proof