Common traits of current educated fools

-All believe Facebook Inc is the ultimate social media websites.
-They swallow government propaganda like fresh pineapple slices.
-They line up to be injected with mRNA poison without questioning.
-Will knock an old person crossing the street with their 1000cc because they are right

Tulidungwa hii sindano and we are still alive

Wait for the adverse effects in a few years

Why are the favorable effects almost immediate, but the adverse effects delayed? You are such a foolish village herdsman @ChifuMbitika

Malisaa …I like it:D:D

Ngui îno itina rîa njege


Real deep

Debate me in a language i can understand

If i can interpret anasema he loves you and would like to drill your kaleo bum

Time frame my friend, no one knows what the effects will be 3 years and beyond, down the line.

Shifo, what do you mean when you state currently educated? Tuliambiwa masomo haina mwisho, we learn everyday.


Currently educated

:D:D shifo you’ve not answered the question.

Education is a lifetime activity but there’s that point where you can say that now you have crossed from illiteracy to literacy.

Hii mambo ya kina @uwesmake na @PHARMACY sitaweza kufanya mimi

Heshimu shareholders kipshenzi

Lakini hautakataa kushikwa cha nguvu,how many kilos do you have on your kinyambis alone