Common Sense


Kwani ii panya ni bot bana

Najua inakkuuma juu ulitupa pesa kwa ujinga ya matatu. PAmbana na hasara kivyako

some years back matatu biz was very lucrative lkn siku hizi ni hasara tupu …don’t try

Wisdom will kill these grand dads.

The biggest risk with matatu business is depreciation. You will get your “money” back in 2 years give or take. However, you will have aged ten years, attended three stress management semesters, known at least 10 cops on a personal level, your mechanic will be your best friend, and the mat will have depreciated by 33% in those two years, if you are lucky. No thanks.

But some people are making a lot of money in this sector. I know of a colleague who makes 90k with a nissan matatu. He has been constantly earning this for the last 4 years.