A committee is a group of the unprepared, appointed by the unwilling to do the unnecessary.
Fred Allen
I found this saying apt considering the below post.

Nasa picks David Ndii to take charge of people’s assemblies

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The committee will present its report to the Nasa principals before December 12.
Mr Muthama said the committee will also provide a list of activities for December 12 when the coalition plans to swear in Raila Odinga.
The opposition National Super Alliance (Nasa) has unveiled a seven-member committee to guide the coalition on the way forward of the People’s Assembly.
The committee chaired by economist David Ndii will be responsible for coordinating programmes of all county assemblies that have so far passed the motion of the
formation of the People’s Assembly.
The team will present its report to the Nasa principals before December 12, a date the opposition leader Raila Odinga said he will be ‘sworn in’ as the people’s president.
Other members of the committee are former nominated Senator Judy Sijeny, Oduor Ong’wen, Dr Mutakha Kangu, Peter Mathuki, Hamida Kibwana and Koitamet Olekina.
During an address to the press at Okoa Kenya offices in Nairobi on Friday, former senators Johnstone Muthama and Boni Khalwale said the majority of Kenyans did not vote in the October 26 repeat presidential election and, therefore, President Uhuru Kenyatta does not have the mandate of majority of Kenyans.

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People’s Assemby’s are not catered for in the Constitution.
They will duplication the affairs of local governments. They constitute the creation of parallel local governments whose activities will be to over throw or undo activities of Senates - acts of treason.

Without creativity nothing is worth noticing.

When you have Muthama as your advisor, the only way to go is down.


and ndii as the driver…


Huyu jamaa si Huwa wa Banana, He has always been seeking the elusive political appointment since the Narc blueprint.

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he bets on the wrong horse

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Need I say more. By the time Christmas is over babuon might need to strip to regain attention from people. People have moved on.


Muthama bado anaumwa na millions za 2013 campaigns. Everything yake imesambaratika including his plans to haribia gov Mutua his political career. Gov Mutua is having the last laugh na akiendelea hivyo atafika mbali.


Which means his decision making skills are the lowest.

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Thought he was from limuru,.
He’s a nice guy but suffers from intellectual arrogance , he’s also bitter that NARC and jubilee never saw it fit to appoint him .
BTW did you know that at one point waiguru was his secretary?:smiley:

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