Commitment Phobia

For the past few years I have had this aversion to dating. I have reached that age bracket where people start asking you utao lini? Where older female colleagues hint at you that they know some decent girl somewhere.

Doesn’t help that I’m an introvert. Lost close people to me few years back in quick succession. Currently my only close relative is my mzee . Guess being in boarding from class 2 cultivated in me a Strong craving for personal space. At work I’m average social wise but cannot wait for 5pm to decompress . I have always made sure the FWB live in a different town than me.

This ain’t a rant. Just getting some stuff off my chest. May the liquor gods guard your phones and prevent mchele getting to your drink ulevini. Time to hit my local and maybe funga some petite Embu lass.

Imagine your mother telling you that uncle blah blah(your favourite uncle) asked if you are married/marrying soon…

get 3 kids with random cute learned random women . then kaa tako unaweza oa hata ukifika 60 years

been there and still got traces of’ll outgrow it.


ni age gani hio unaharakishwa uowe in this economy? do you know how much a good academy costs?
An excellent quote that comes to mind is from the movie Casino when De niro sees the beautiful Sharon stone for the first time and he says , “And I decided to complicate my life.”

That about sums up all women.

Watu ni different kweli… Am early twenties and I prefer to settle down. It takes me times to find the right girl so when I do find her, I hold onto her as long as I can. Mostly because am lazy and can’t stomach the idea of having to chase mbitches and the drama all over again. One downside to this method is, when you break up it’s a real pain. Yaani you just feel irregular heart palpitations for some time :(:D:D

I am supposed to be king of that!

That last few seconds is a complete contradiction of everything else you have said. Putting that aside siku yako tu itakuja. Someone will sprung you whether you are ready or not.

Please join in my commiserating dudes. I will be answering this question like 50 times in a few weeks time. Kwanza some grandfathes who keep telling me they can remember my Sistas’ weddings but NOT MINE. They also ask whether we meet Kikuyu men hia and offering unsolicited unwanted advice! That I make sure I ask them where they are from incase I meet a '3rd/4th Kazo which is v possible. They also suggest names of some guys I should meet whilst out there. Sigh and sigh again!

Senior spinster… Hi!

Get prepared to answer that question in family gathering.

last time kudate ,2013
duration, 5months
3months ilikuwa long distance
I’ll never forget those two months ,commitment si ya watu wote.

The lunje in you is strong ‘tikini’ as they say back Ingo. But I’d prefer if i"d stay with my offspring if the old man above blessed me with them. My dad ako na principles ka zako. 8 kids from 4 women.

Hi…:Dthenks for being understanding!

Yes, they do that all the time. This will be xmas day.

You’ll be fine.
@Purple is 53 and alienda home juzi and she managed to hoodwink all her relatives with a fake husband she met online.
Maybe you should try that as well.

Wish you all the best.

Hiring a short time husband, I saw it a western movie. Is this common huko majuu?


I will darling I will. Trying to box in Kush akuje tuonekane…but he is saying he has to be with his family. If I try Timo (TLS) there is a likelihood that the wazees will rumble him as he is my ‘Jirani’…You have given me an idea @MegaKing…there must be a kimush I can pay…