Commitment is the mother of madharau

In a relationship, the moment you commit ndio tumadharau zinaingia into the picture. You have partners poking at each other knowing that the other one is not allowed to leave. It starts slowly once you make her your girlfriend, then when she moves in, the madharau steps up a notch, then when you put a ring on it ndio inatoka full blown. Laziness of maintaining yourself also follows the same trend. Marry at your own risk

Umesoma hii maneno kitabu gani!?

hii already tunajua…

marriage is so overrated peleka hii rant yako KM

Leta hekaya kamili ama ufunike bakuli…ghaseer.

Has she added 40kgs since you put a ring on it? :D:D Ukichengwa kubali

Only foolish men commit to one P. Kuma swafii swafii zimejaa hii Nairobi na uko hapo umejikazia kwa kunguru moja?

Those wise old dudes told us “familiarity breeds contempt” but hatukujua ni juu ya ndoa walikua wana hint, now we know!

Bro, I’ve never married and I intend on avoiding that fate for as long as I have energy to hanya around. Huko forte fae ndio ntaanza kufikiria kujitega kwa hiyo trap :smiley:

and which prison is this coming from?:confused::confused:

More like 60…