Commercial Water treatment machine

Wadau nauza hii water treatment machine. Brand new fully fitted with reverse osmosis system, UV light na filters.
Fully fitted with inlet tank, outlet tank na waste tank.
Bei ni 350k o.n.o
Ukileta mtu naweza ona wewe ya macho pia.

@Randy @byro @a4architect

Sande mkuki. Are they interested?

why are you selling? is it in line with your daily hustles?liters per hr? currently let me just bookmark the thread

200LPH. It’s part of a side hustle but I want to go slow on it and start something else. But this particular machine is brand new.

Where are you located?


Its in their line of work so they may or may not. Good luck though.

Ok. I will contact you after 8/8 . :slight_smile:

Am trying to understand that table, inanichanganya.

On your right, top tank is inlet ya maji kutoka tap or borehole. Then inapitia filters hizo za blue, reverse osmosis hiyo iko na vitu mingi then finally uv light(not visible but iko hapo chini ya tank kadogo). After that inaingia the small tank. Reject inarudi kwa hiyo tank iko chini on your right.
Hizo taps ziko hapo zinatoa purified water as you pack. Kutoka hapo unaweza pekeka thika rd uuze ama supermarket.[ATTACH=full]115910[/ATTACH]

Stima consumption?

Ngoja uchaguzi ipite I have a guy anaweza taftia wewe

Sijaona conductivity meter pia.
Control is it PLC or pure electrical?

Mjamaa hizo ata sijui ni nini but inatumia stima and it has some gadgets attached labda ni hizo

Swafi buda

you need to know what those are before I introduce you to people who ask a million and one questions.:D:D:D
I also need to know the cost of service and after how long it is done,replacing parts and any after sale services you offer.

Hehe…will do.If they ask a million and one questions and they buy then no problem. The only service is change of filters after a certain period. I will direct them to a company that sells quality filters.

sasa tufanyie hesabu, sales, bei ya maji na chupa…returns…

10 million strong