Commemorating Chapter 6

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Any politician in Kenya will disregard that thing because they know the effects of trying to touch it.

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Our constitution would be the same with or without chapter 6

The way some of our politicians are quick to capitalize of unexplained deaths Gado should ensure he is living in a fort. i don’t know why i have a bad feeling about his wellbeing…

Are you threatening Gado chini ya maji?

hapana. i am just observing that some of our politicians do not value life and would not hesitate to miff it out if it made their adversaries lose a few thousand votes…

Sawa. But be careful. Dont give them ideas.

i don’t have to…it has been their modus operandi for as long as i can remember…and i have lived long enough:)…

The reason he was kicked out of NMG.

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