Coming up with a business name

Never thought this is can be this hard especially business that need a domain name
Sa napitia dictionary za latin, zulu, xhosa na yoruba nione ka nipata jina unique

Megaking Investments & Lifestyle Financials Ltd

Halafu utafute rubber stamp ya MILF Ltd

:smiley: Jinga kabisa


This is one thing giving me challenges,kila jina nafikiria ishachukuliwa

I am sure Kimakia Thinwa Investments is still available.
The domain is also available i.e


You are stuck on the wrong things.
You should be struggling to get sales instead of a name.

Mimi pia. nashuku ecitizen wana ukora wanataka tu kula hizo ma 150 bob

Shiney eyes hawapati shida hapa, Njuguna and Maina wataiita kampuni yao Njuguma Investment ama Karoki na Mbugua wanaiita Karombu Ventures, na maisha inaendelea.

The most annoying part and this process and i have complained enough to this mofos( egovernment shit) on twitter is the time of booking/registering the name. I have been trying to register a name for the past 1 and half months all suggested name being rejected and for each name try is Ksh 150 and a whole day to wait.
Am always wondering, why can’t we have all registered business name directory. Just like the one you find when you are registering a new domain name. You do your own search to see if the name is available.
The current one is damn subjective.

Ask yourself what people used to do before ecitizen.

Chukua map zero in to a town in one of the countries… Umepata jina

mix your names and your better half names in a pot and stir for thirty minutes. Choose from the mixture at random till utosheke

Simply go the Kenyan way of spousal portmanteaus.
If you’re Wellington and your spouse Zippy, just go WEZI Bar & Lodging.

Call it “Admin is a Warthog” Ltd.


hehe. Haja tu ni business name


mathogothanio enterprise
alafu nikutumie paybill ya KC mzinga