Coming up: Riggy G & Uhunye reconciliation meeting courtesy of

Uhuru does not need Riggy G. Riggy G is a pimp. He pimped out his people to Jambazi for a big payday. Punda alishafikisha mizigo.

Nobody cares what Riggy G does going forward least of all Uhunye. Riggy G has nothing to bring to Uhunye’s table.

Unfortunately he is banking on luhyia unity which is a pipe dream. A myth. a fart in the wind.

plus does he have a war chest? itabidi kwanza ajue fundraising, atangatange kenya mzima for at least 8yrs, ashikwe mkono na local politicians kwa hizo matembezi zake…
atupwe ndani na polisi pia for war scars…

What if Uhuru decides to work with riggy G for the sake of mt kenya 's good ?

Politics is a game of personal (not communal) interests. Jagathi has nothing to offer Uhunye. Right now Farouk is the defacto vice president. Jagathi is just a figurehead.

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Nabii is banking on North Eastern Musmalis where there will be massive numbers rigging. They are already touting them to be the 4th largest population. Add that to the Luhya angle and he’s considering the hype that the mountain is fluid and always shifting positions based on any sweetened promises.

Si Uhuru has been showing sings of wanting to do something to fix the mess in mt Kenya politics

He doesn’t need Jagathi to do that.

In politics, its interests not personal likes/dislikes.

If Uhuru wants to do something, working with Riggy G could be the easiest most logical path

Leo @Jambazi and @Riggy_G attended the same event ya Wakorino.

They preached peace and reconciliation.

However in other events nationwide everyone was attacking Kashagwa.

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I just don’t get it why would ruto sabotage @Riggy_G

The mountain will be divided, Ruto already has SWORN supporters in the mountain, his boys akina Ichungwa, Nindi etc. Anyone opposed to Riggy G will automatically pile onto this group, the likes of Moses Kuria.

Ruto will comfortably slide into state house bila maneno. That Mt Kenya has shown it’s card mapema is a going to be a disadvantage for them, because he will plan for any contingency concerning that block.

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He is clippings his wings before he accumulates enough wealth and influence so that he does not sumbua him like he did to Uhunye. Jambass likes to be the only one with a say.