coming soon to screens near you.....imei2012 will be a father real soon .....

Further to my thread in the dying days of klist and another one during the earlier i will put up a third hekaya in the popular series that captivated the village. Considering that the annual hekaya awards are just around the corner, I want to leave the village on a high note as we end the year. To my fans whom i havent answered their question in the other thread “imei on the bench” msikufe roho i will, its because i am away from my laptop( which makes browsing ktalk easy as opposed to using the phone) I have also been high like a kite drinking since the day i got the news partly because of celebrations and two considering how my finances will be fucked up in 2015 after the arrival of babies yeah you heard it right, two babies… To the moral police and holier than thou high priests kindly take a bounce this wont be your listing @kabuda kindly fish your notes they may come in handy. Finally the content on the site has greatly reduced could the admins confirm the confidential reports reaching my desk that you have sold ktalk…
Ps…get to know your HIV/AIDS status tomorrow and kudos to Charlie sheen to me you will always be my hero from two and a half men peace drops the mic*

You found an easier way to get twins or two kids at once; two different women hehehe congrats lakini sasa ni kujipanga


Two bambinos all at once.
Nuff Respect.
Waiting patiently for da hekaya

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:D:D:D:D but why would you pre-judge the “judgers” when you yourself judged single moms WHICH is exactly what you’re creating?


You mentioned earlier somewhere to be ‘single sana’. Wondering if you have entered the league of inconsistencies like the master hekaya teller.

Is it by the single mom?

the kdf DF hero

mhh! Im looking at this drink im drinking sahii. not expensive! But when i think of kids, diapers, kukosa usingizi usiku, etc etc, im thinking of getting something stronger! Advice me, motivation ya kupata watoto ni nini?

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Kuwa mpole dadii…utakuja jua karibuni.

congrats, soldier…carry on…

the only reason most people do it is to make mom and dad happy! ako na grandson/daughter. The way i see kids sufferring mashinani, id rather people wajipange kabla getting kids! kama ball bahati mbaya, sawa! but 5 kids na wewe ni makanga wa kuseti??? Zii.



Watoi ni wapoa. If I could rewind my life, ningepata 6.



You already came too soon…But congratulations are in order.

Someone said, money will never be enough!! I really like the new kiwi advert, you dont have to spend so much to raise your kids well! Congrats @imei2012. Nunua kiwi wakifika shule.

hehehe…kule saizi maisha inaenda ata wawili itakua ngumu

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Not for impregnation two women. No.
Not for coming here to ‘boast’ that you are more man than others. No.
For the fact that you have acknowledged that you are the sperm donor.
For the fact that you did not bounce when you were informed that your donated sperms had done what God intended them to do.
For the fact that you are prepared to see the job of taking care of the products of your loins for the long haul that is child rearing…kulea si kupatia baby mama pesa.

PS. Kama utakuwa na hiyo kiherehere ya new baby daddies one year from today,you will have earned my respect.
PSS. Been a daddy for eight years. I qualify.


My first kid will come when I am 35, or when I am making enough passive income to live comfortably.
Heri kula ngumu peke yangu, not bringing forth kids to live j mediocre life.


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