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These are the findings of a new research on marriages that has revealed that the informal but popular route to marriage among young people is turning out fewer matrimonies in the end. As high as 87 per cent of men and 72 per cent of women aged 25 to 34 in Kenya are in informal unions. And of this, only about 1.4 per cent are being formalised annually.The research also shows that many women are marrying while pregnant. Carried out in Nairobi by African Population Health Research Centre (APHRC), University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Michigan (both from the US) and Population Council-Kenya, the study appeared two weeks ago (August 6, 2018) in the Journal of Marriage and Family.
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Come-we-stay no longer a shortcut to marriage
Study reveals that for Nairobi women, marriage is no longer a matter of life and death

Marriage is glorified prostitution. Whatever route it takes the end justifies the name, sex in exchange for resources.

2 sledge hammer
3. Under 23
4. Baby panay

If u know, u know

Young people shouldn’t engage in premarital sex it’s wrong, ama namna gani @Father Figure

Kuna ile jinga ingine ya gaza.

anzisha thread ya Arsenali kabla ile swara aamuke from gilbeys hangover

What is premarital sex? What is marriage? Is it signing a document to let the government know umeanza kufuga kunguru and you can now become a reproductive member of the nation? Marriage is just a commercial business. If I have a child with you willingly then you are my wife…hiyo ingine ni yako.

So before marriage niggas are not productive members if the nation?

Infact it should be contractual

I said reproductive…i knew kutakuwa na some unfortunate soul that doesn’t get it

You did not get it too. You infer that for one to reproduce one has to get into a marriage…

There is nothing wrong with a come we stay marriage and there is equally nothing wrong with an official wedding. Bora they all respect each other.

Because the OP claims that people are marrying while they already have kids…

I have a problem with official weddings because they are just a cash cow for the “marriage events organisers”. Then you sign a document to basically tie you to someone and enforced by the law such that people are losing their savings na sana sana the guy is the one on the receiving end. That is my problem with it.

naona nimeanza kuwa femasi

true, jaribu kukaa na kunguru ya wenyewe kama hupeleki kitu kwao uone how long it will last…


wedding na honeymoon zinamanga 2 million na saa hio huna hata fixed abode. after honeymoon mnaingia flat yenye inafit status yako and the beginning of the end starts…

I dont even need to get married to any of these kungurus,bora ako na puthy…weka bidii kidogo na tupesa and any of them will easily spread their rickety legs wide.damn assholes

Ongeza hizi nyang’au mbili kwa hiyo list; staff member na shiroe, wameijaza server na ujinga wa karne kadhaa