Come we stay and unregistered cultural marriages not recognized by the state the case of Linturi and Keitany

magistrate court has now ruled that there was no marriage between Mithika Linturi and Maryanne Kitanny.

In what comes as a win for Linturi, the court ruled that the doctrine of common law marriage no longer applies in Kenya adding that the Marriage Act of 2014 requires parties to register a customary marriage.
It further noted that it cannot recognise a customary marriage that is not registered.

“The customary law union allied to Maryanne Kitanny would not suffice as a marriage under the laws of Kenya,” the court ruled.
The magistrate noted that Linturi was in a monogamous marriage with Mercy Kaimenyi and therefore could not hold any other form of marriage including polygamy.
Linturi is the newly nominated Agriculture Cabinet Secretary while Kintanny, who previously served as Chief of Staff in the office of former Deputy President William Ruto, is now the MP for Aldai Constituency.
In the case, Kitanny insisted that she got into a relationship with Linturi in 2014 before they got married in accordance with Meru and Nandi traditions.
However, on his part, Linturi maintained that he has only been married to one wife of 18 years.

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This could be dynamite considering there are so many similar cases out there. I suspect that’s not going to be the end of the story.