Come get it then.....

“Whaaat??? Is this what you’ve wanted all along? Then why have you been a jerk about it for so long?”

“Well, can’t a lady get a nigga busy chasing??..You’re about to know if it was worth the wait.”

“Mmmmh…you know what I want? Now?”


“I want to have you right here, right now. I need to feel your insides. I want my dick deep into that juicy wet fat pussy that just got more wet after the sucking that just went down!”

“Then come get it.”

Being in this campus sucked by the day mostly because I was poor at mingling with people and making friends while at it. I wasn’t in any crew and considered myself boring AF. I only had the ever-bubbly Claire, my bff who seemed to enjoy campus life. Was she even my bff really? What the fuck does that even that mean? I think she liked keeping me around coz I listened to her escapades, both sexual and non-sexual and gave some shitty advice you’d think I’d experience some of the stuff she talked about. But what are friends for, right? I was an only girl in my family. Mine and Claire’s family had stayed in the same place for a very long time so this friendship wasn’t a forced one. From day one, she became that sister I never had.

Claire got cat-called. Claire had guys messaging her. Claire had outings to attend. Claire was just the It-Girl…I envied her life but I didn’t want to be her. I found comfort in having my space and peace. I loved listening to her tell me how she and her friends would be meeting and get guys pick them out to kiss and do shitty sexy stuff in the name of adventure. I was always the quiet, inexperienced, boring girl siting at the corner desk with earphones on, which at the time probably played Christina Shusho. Isolating myself gave me some kind of independence. I was mostly at the library reading books or just aimlessly surfing. It’s in this same ‘knowledge-cave’ that I met this nigga who at first pissed me the fuck out but later came to fuck his brains out instead.

Timid…Who?..Me?..Not anymore.

I’d kissed some niggas but this one wasn’t just a kiss. Twas one of those kisses that called all your members into action, called all members to assemble and respond to his ass-grab. Members being all parts of my body. The way he grabbed my ass pressing it onto him and ordering me not to resist was the first time I realized that I loved that shit. The ass-grabbing, I mean. Nigga, don’t just hug her, claim that mother fucking ass. It’s yours ain’t it? Okay, at least for the moment, right?

He’d been reluctant to come closer to me since he was being all gentle and shit but all signs showed I needed him over where I stood. No communication needed, just our eyes calling out on each other like “come be my hero tonight…come quench this thirst I’ve had for days”…He walked towards me uncertain of the outcome. He had two expectations. Either this girl will slap me or slap me. From what had transpired since we met, there was no room for anything positive. Now that we were alone, deep into the night, just the two of us, he didn’t think much would have happened.

I’m busy compiling a presentation on PowerPoint at my usual corner in the library. As usual, I have my earphones on, probably playing Shusho again…but that particular week I think I was on my fuck-this-life mood so I guess it was Vybz Kartel on my ears. So I’m there pre-occupied with this group work (I was always the one who compiled the work…it was easier doing this as opposed to copy pasting stuff from Google without even a single edit to make it look legit) when some guy walked towards where I’m sitting and taps my shoulder. I look up and see this man looking down at me waving his hands, trying to tell me something. I remove my earphones and give him a disgusting look like…“What does this nigga want???”…

“My pen has just rolled under your seat.”

“Wait, what?”

He whispers again, now leaning forward closer to me. “I am sitting at that table over there and my pen just fell and rolled over under your seat. Please pass it over to me.”

I didn’t say a word but all that crossed my mind was how invasive this was seeing that I was calmly enjoying my loner moment. I bent to the side and looked for the pen and didn’t see any. I look up at him and he’s like “Umepata?” …No nigga…this isn’t what I came here to do!!

He whispers “Maybe you can songesha your chair then we all look?” I oblige, begrudgingly of course and we all now look for the pen. It was such a weird and funny scene. We’re all down there looking for a fucking pen!! And it’s not even my pen…yaani!! The audacity of this guy!!!

We find the pen after some searching. He says thank you, I don’t even look at him, I sit back and pout away like this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. He’s wasted my time and invaded space, my thought process now a mess!! Piece of shit! Such a time waster!

“Before I get closer to you, just know that I’m ready for your slaps or resentment. I dunno what to expect here but you’re looking at me like you want the same thing I want. So which is it gonna be?”

“What does it look like it is time waster?”

“Okay, you know what? Fuck it!”

He came and stood so close to me, I could feel his breath against mine. I didn’t want to look him in the eyes coz I’ve been treating him like shit but I just wanted him to do something…a touch or kiss would be great at this point but I’m too proud to say it so I just stand there waiting…anticipating. He then raises my chin up and asks me to kiss him.

“Me? Kiss you? Wow dude?! Si I thought it’s guys who take control over these stuff??”:smiley: …“That’s what you’ve experienced but with me I’ll let you be the lead. Now kiss me.”

I’d been with one guy shortly before but he handled everything on his own so I’d never felt like a lady was in any position to start things off. This was new but the naiìve me wanted to try it out regardless.

I hold his face in my hands then move closer to kiss him…just as I was about to dive in…nigga goes like “Mmmh…You want to give me a LOVE kind of kiss…, wait, do you love me already? You’re holding my face like I’m some kind of prince”

“Are you being serious right now???” My hands just fell to the side and looking at him giggling while still pressed against me.

I try moving away and he grabs me back puts my hands back where they are and kisses me. I grow into it and kiss him back hard…I really did need this. He grabs my ass and presses hard against his now bulging member…I love the feeling. He then lets out an order…“Take off your dress and leave your bra and panty on.”


“DO IT.”

I rush through that as he just watches, giving sly smiles in between. He then lies flat on the bed and asks me to come on top of him, I was a bit confused but he then specified that I was to get on top, hold the head-side of the bed, squat and look at the wall…his body in between my legs…he the slowly moves his frame down now having his face positioned right where my wet pussy was and started licking away after sliding my panty to the side. I’d never experienced this before but knew that other ladies were having their pussies licked…i just didn’t know how it felt. Now that i was experiencing it…Claires descriptions of how it goes down seemed to be true.

Scene 1: We meet at the canteen on his was for lunch and he to say hi. We end up having lunch together and talk about what happened in the library. He says he would like to make it up to me…but he didn’t know how. He’s been checking me out and noticed i didn’t like walking in groups so he didn’t know who to approach to ask about what I liked. He asked whether I had any friends and we laugh about it and we set a date which i fail to show up. He sends me a series of messages asking why I didn’t show…i ignore all his callss.

Scene 2. After much back and forth he finally manages to get a hold of me and took me (and Claire) to some gig him and his friends were hosting. He played guitar for the band. Explained why he always had that huge bag with him every time I saw him and dodged to the opposite direction. I had to have Claire come along so that she finally sees progress in my messed up love life. I didn’t even like the guy a lot but …wanted to see where this could go.

Scene 3: After weeks and weeks of talk, gigs…unanswered calls, texts…he plans this ‘guitar lesson’ thing with me. I’d always wanted to learn to play an instrument and by this time I’d gotten used to being around him. Other than Claire, he’d become the other person I’d spent most time with…but only at school and never at his place. I don’t know how I eventually found myself at his SQ …late that night learning the tricks of the guitar.

He held each of my chunky ass cheeks with each hand, parting them, he teased my clit with his tongue making me let out a soft moan. He breathed heavy on it then started licking slowly…a sloppy …wet lick…then brought my ass down and sucked. He sucked in intervals, and licking around the wet lips…He turned me over so now my legs are wide open, took a pillow and placed it below my ass raising my pussy right where his face was…holding me in position he sucks…sucks…sucked my throbbing clit as I held his head in position. I was lost in the wave of sweetness…I shivered at the motions his tongue made on my wet cunt…I squirted a little but he kept going. He then inserted two fingers in my pussy as he kept licking and sucking my fat juicy cunt…that shit felt so damn mother fucking goooood…I’d never felt so good…I let go…the wave was too much it overcame my body as I writhed with pleasure and held his head tighter on my coochie and burried it deeper. His fingers still fucking me in a motion that heightened my organism.

“Oooh my God…oooh God …baby I’m cumming…oooh fuck…you’re making me cum baby…mmmhh…fuck!”

“I didn’t think this would ever happen.” He said…still hot and giving me space to breathe.

“mmmmmmh…I knew it would happen and had wanted it to happen soon but I couldn’t tell you, I am a timid girl…”

…(see first paragraph for continuation)

PS: This is pure fiction. For your entertainment.

hakuna haja nijiumize bure,sisomi na sisomi

As i guessed
But am a nigga so
Thus i
The jokes on you

Mutu aweke summary we shall revisit.

@pamba kuja kiasi utuitishie summary

All this shit was about pusssy getting licked,what if t were the fuck part!!
Plus this lickin aint a turn on for most women right ladies?


executive summary mtu ajitolee tafasari!!

Summary: Grab ass and eat pussy

Long hard read, I can go the distance

@Phenomenal Woman you are as useless as a white crayon. and I hate you

story ya kupata boner sitaki na venye niko dryspell

Firomena Mungu anakuona tu.

I thought it was a factual story, lakini usujali nimekupatia like

You little rotten girl :D:D. I thought it was real mpaka mwisho ati ni fiction . Wish you would have omitted that fiction statement .

I hate you so much. I don’t know why I didn’t say it earlier

It’s a turn on dude. Just say you don’t like giving head


Mbona uko dryspell aki? Do you have a small dick woishe?

Anatuona sisi wote haha