Colonel Mustafa gae

Wah! Ladies never pay bills for a man. He could be gae. Real men pay bills. Why are Kenyan women so desperate. Ati notiflow was paying his bills for 15 years. FIFTEEN YEARS? That would have told her he was gay coz real men pay bills. Team kulipia wanaume bills, see how this ends? It never ends well. Maybe umefuga a gae nigga ukifikiria umeko na bwana. FIFTEEN YEARS.

Moustafa ako 45 years no wife no children hapo kunaweza kua ana chunishwa sukuma

Notiflow is barely 30… at 15 years she didnt even know the nigga alikuwa anamsupport na nini?

Nice detection work. Bust the liars.

Nyinyi wote ni washenzi kama munameza hii ujinga ya Trap king chrome, noti flow na Mustafa!! These niggas will do anything for a min of fame.

Uko na birth certificate

It is in the public domain that she was born in 1994 which makes her 25… so quick maths means 15years ago she was 10…so madam youtube…what financial support was a 10year old giving Mustafa?

Ako na Common sense…

Notiflow is 25 years old. She was a good friend of mine akiaza music sometimes back. Ask Richie-G of ATL entertainment. Don’t argue without facts. Shiet

The loudest are always the most gullible. Regurgitating lies they’ve been fed while swearing that its all truth and those who do not believe those lies ndio mafala or doomed somehow.

Mustapha = gayyyyyyyyyy

Jamaa hajawai move on

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