Colombian VP in Nairobi for a 3 day state visit

@Ndindu why is everyone scrambling to meet Nabii? Singapore PM pia yeye ako njiani. Nasikia Xi Jinping anakuja mtaa September


Kenya and Colombia since 1945 has been very secretively working on a gmo - a genetic blend between cocaine and tea. There is likelihood that experimental phase is over and the colombians have come to work out the marketing details. Singapore will handle the logistics while Tanzanian lawyers have been hired to draw up court papers in Kiswahili to make cotea. legal Kenya is at last getting out of the economic doldrums. This slightly hallucinogenic cotea will be prepared just like tea and can be taken with mandazi. It releives hunger pangs and fatigue. Miraa farmers have agreed to replace their crops with cotea.

she loves Africa more than some self-hating ignorant bonobos kwa kijiji


Drugs deals. Nothing like development. Ruto is cursed

once in a while sniveling soft headed masturbatey broilers have to be made to freak out kidogo.

you hear in the news - so and so is at the airport - you use incognito mode to say to others - so and so is at the airport. so what is so important with that? unless you have a back story to go with your post, dorobo will make one for you. so there.

… what??

Nabii is the chosen one since 1964 no world leader has visited Kenya until nabii happened.

Mbona anakaa dim eyes?

Afro Colombian

Huyo secret service ankaa sister ya @uwesmake … [SIZE=1]Just sayin’…[/SIZE]

Hii kicheko ni sinister


Wacheni story mob nani uyu anakaa van damme female edition

Elucidate further

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