Cologne for men

esteemed ktalkers ,any suggestions on men cologne and where to get original in Nairobi

Si i usually see good colognes za men kwa supermarket especially rasasi and afgano

Gay detected!!! Rudi Jela…

:smiley: :smiley:

come on Brian,a brother has to smell good

are you homosexual or metrosexual tell us ?

Black by Aramani, The One by D & G, Hugo Boss - you can get them at Galleria, The Hub.

Mwanaume ni kujipaka sabuni ya kipande na kuishia. At worst Vaseline.

Am tempted to agree with Brian. Only that yeye ni nugu ya kawaida tu.

naona hii ni nzuri sana “L’Eau d’Issey” by issey miyake

My favourite. The girls love it


Hizo sio colognes!! Mbirrionea @rollout njoo hapa fasta fasta usaidie hii peasant!

Hapa ni jasho tu.

Cologne is in Germany. Thats what I know.

GIYF ata kama am not rich please ,ni venye i cant upload photos using this browser ningekuonyesha imeandikwa vizuri cologne

you have issues, work them out


Sawa. Shauri yako.

Pink handles,your perspective on this is highly welcomed

Just get an expensive deo and use it as cologne. Should set you back like kshs 500 or Axe for 350

My advice. You will spend 5k on a ‘nice’ cologne but in all honesty as long as you smell good you are okay. Plus no one will know it’s a 5k cologne :D:D