cold reception

I’ve realized that most elders here harbour some kind of animosity toward new villagers. You guys are not thrilled at the idea of newcomers crashing your party. This explains the rude reception that awaits new villagers. Usually it’s an image of a thorny chair or a herd of malnourished cattle trudging through a cattle-dip.

Except that some of us are not really new. We’ve received merciless thrashing under our previously handles, so we reinvented ourselves and re-joined the discourse.

Show me an example please of the above

are those examples sufficient?

seems you enjoy the welcoming party

So you are not new but you still go ahead to complain about the thrashing. Sit your stinking ass doen NV. Keti pale

jimmy ouma I know you’re still dragging around that 4kgs of foreskin. We’re going to chop it off someday.

Mtu aweke Ile pic ya cattle dip ndio aende round two kwa dip since hizo ticks zake hazijaisha

No it got stuck in your mom’s diastema when she was sucking it off

Niaje uwesmakende

Sasa unataka kulia? Keti hapa

Wengi wetu tulikaribishwa TU ivi na ata kutupwa Kwa cattle dip there is nothing special in this Kijiji ya kufanya u catch Wacha umama ata hauwezi andika im a member of ktalk on your CV…so pliz wacha umama no biggie:cool:



Apewe Ile kiti ya miiba ama Ile lorry ya osungu.dll ikuje kwanza imkaribishe… @Ghaseer keti ------------->

Old villagers same to as old kungurus who dont want them new and young ones in the biz!