Cold reality


But the reverse is okay for these daughters of Jezebel:saitan:…well till you hit rock bottom and they vamoose…wapi yule jamaa wa parachute na Embobut:cool:?

Poor men should not even think of living, they should just die, a dog is better than a poor man, it can bark and protect its master

Why are you talking about yourself kijana ya sugoi?

Not a proponent of the MGTOW movement, but everyday I get countless reasons why I should just pump and dump these daughters of Eve

can you accept a broke man to date your daughter?

I don’t think your daughter gives a crap about your opinion when she decides to date. Your acceptance is not required. If your daughter dates a slum dweller, what the fuak will you do?? NOTHING

Ati “accept”…that’s not your decision to make.

I feel you bro…But if you have a good woman…please put her first…they are rare to find…very rare

That’s why Kuna whores…150 na jamaa amesaidika.
Otherwise a man should not consider entering a relationship na hajiwezi kivyake.

Why not? They will be living their own life and not mine buana.

She just stated the truth as it is! No need sugar coating yet society has been so from time immemorial. That’s why it’s very very important as a Man to always have something for a rainy day hata kama ni kidogo, you are alone in this jungle! Women will discard you as soon as your wallet takes a nose dive

That muhindi family in western mwenye Wafula alipotea na daughter wao akaenda kuishi na yeye kwa hut yake akimpea lwambo daily comes to mind

The daughter fell very sick, ikabidi she returns to the parents na story ikaishia hapo.

I can advice any whore against marrying @Demakuvu a country bus tout , @Nipe Nikusifu the most stupid homosexual on surface of the milky way Galaxy.

@Douchebag hutomba mkundu AIDs infested ya bottom homo @Demakuvu

@Demakuvu has the deadliest strain of HIV/aids recorded in Kenya ,he was infected by a Congolese msenge and paid 150/=

Kama @cortedivoire