Cold harsh facts about life.

Whenever you have accomplished a feat, say you have just built a new house, and people are coming to your home to see it, know that majority are coming to assess you. And once they are done assessing and critiquing, you won’t be seeing them in a long time.
Whenever your kid graduates from college with a lucrative course and you throw a celebration party, know that majority are just coming to enjoy the free food, drinks and music. Once they have had enough, they will leave and you won’t be seeing them in a long time to come.
Not everyone is happy about your success or achievements in life.
It’s always advisable to keep a lean group of friends. If possible, let your closest friends be not more than three. Business accomplices can be as many as possible.

Commissioner umeamua kuwa motivational speaker

Extroverts disagree

That’s what parties are for Imagine setting up a party and nobody shows up.

Of course we throw a bash for guys to enjoy with us but imagine if you have an emergency 48 hours after the bash 50% of those who attended the party won’t come to attend to your needs

Plain simple ukijenga ingia hata kabla iishe mjunior akigraduate afanye bash na wenzake ondokea macho za swara Mara hiohio

Introverts move quietly, we graduate and we do not attend the ceremony, we get work and we tell nobody, we get into relationships and we do not tell anyone.
We’re only answerable to our parents, nyinyi wengine go hug a cactus.

Siku hizi uko wapi? This is a question use gauge your financial situation especially after graduation

When you give don’t expect to be paid back, otherwise you will end being hurt. Do good and forget.

I am not God to go around giving for free.


Shifo tell us what happened?
Hapa umekuwa mhenga kidogo.

This observation/conclusion has been arrived at after many years of observing human behaviour

There is no true friendship among adults… Hypocrisy iko kwa wingi.

True dat. Kuchimbana na kukuliana chini tupu

Human relationships/friendships are transactional even with Ur own siblings

Everything is transactional. Even your parents stop tolerating you at a certain point if you ain’t bringing something in the relationship

@ChifuMbitika married a quarrelsome wife sasa he is the lead philosopher :D:D:D

Asha hit the wall

You really should try being answerable to just you & your values. Parents will have their skewed agenda too, counter to most of your higher objectives.

Most people don’t know this. That reality hits them much later in life when they need those relatives the most. Wakati wanadhani watapewa 100% support wakiwa juu ya mawe wanapata the actual support is capped at 5%.