Cold case of missing 3 yo Madeline McCain who went missing from her room when her parents were on vacation in Portugal 13 years ago catches a break

Wow!!! Anyone remember this case? Back in the day all I could think of is after the cases we’ve heard of of kids being abducted in their own homes with both parents in the house, how do you leave a 3 year old alone in a hotel room in a foreign country. If I’m in a mall with my nephew, his hand never leaves mine and thats in Kenya a very safe place. Where you see kids wandering in the supermarket all the time. Her parents went to a night club kurudi no child. There’s no vacation for mothers even when you are on vacation either you go with the nanny or you be the nanny and let your dear husband to go out alone. Anyway, maybe I am paranoid because of all of the crime stories I come across especially Jon Ramsey Benet case. Or the story of the son of the founder of the National Center of Exploited and missing children , the guy just looked away for a second in a mall, the boy was molested, decapitated, some of his body parts were never found. Heh!!! Everytime a child is in my care, those are the things going through my mind, I never take eyes and hands off a child.

Tupee summary, some of us don’t have bundles.

Weeh, mtu anaweza shikwa na usingizi akisoma “title” pekee.

A 3 yr old girl went missing 13 years ago. Her parents both doctors and their friends who were on holiday in Portugal went out in the evening and left the kids sleeping, one came back to check on the kids and all was well, the next time they checked the girl was gone. That was 13 years ago.They’re now investigating a 43 yo sex offenders as a suspect. I guess they have some new leads.

When you have bundles watch this,it’s abit more comprehensive.This cases are better than any series or movie. Reality is stranger than fiction.

I know the case. The parents were doctors from the UK on vacation. It is very strange that the abductor knew the exact time the parents left the kids. I have a feeling someone was tracking their movements.

Madeleine’s parents are wholly to blame for her disappearance. Should be charged under willful neglect. Tell me how on earth do you leave your young kids sleeping so that you wine and dine while checking on them regularly? they have money to pay a child minder…deeemn even their Shosh was on the trip. Naaaaaaaah…they will never be a peace.

The least folk do is take turns to baby sit on diff nights on foreign holidays…these 2 Drs could not be arsed. Left a 3 year old and twins alone??..washindwe katika jina la Yesu!!!

I’m sure the torment of knowing how their 3 yo daughter died at the hands of a pedophile is enough torture for them leaving their kids alone.

The estate had a service of minding the kids but they declined. They drank several bottles of wine no wonder the person who checked on the kids b4 the mom couldn’t tell if Madeleine was there. They were drunk. On top of that leaving the door open? And seeing a man carrying a girl toddler? It’s bizarre to say the least.

They would be out several hours a night, assuming he saw them with kids during the day and didn’t see any of them absent at the night parties, he then found out their rooms. When he went to check the rooms at night, the door was open. Some of these child abductors steal kids even when the parents are present I saw a case where a man got a key to a hotel room of the child he wanted to abduct, opened the door took the kid fought off the mom, the mom wrestled the guy and run with her kids to another room the guy followed them and still tried to snatch the kid. These lunatics can do anything to get their hands on a child.

For sure. I read of a woman serving a long jail term after her 8 year old son was abducted on his way to school. He should not have been walking to school alone at that age.

Many kids walk home alone. Even at night.

I see this dynamic in holiday destinations where there’s no nanny. If your kids are that small 3 years and below you will need a nanny especially for the mom to actually enjoy your vacay. Most married people do not go out together much if at all. I notice because how wild they get when we go out of town for work, it’s akin someone someone released from a maximum security facility. So for everyone to enjoy the vacay including moms of small kids you can book for the nanny to share the room with the kids. Instead of throwing caution to the wind in a strange police. Predators are everywhere. Even hotel staff do rape residents, say a lone woman has too much to drink and heads for the room, they know she’s alone. I’ve heard stories of men usually staff even getting acess through the balcony sliding doors. Such women are advised to never book on the ground floor. You can never be too safe in this world.

Most good hotels have a nanny service. Ama tuu mkubali to enjoy yourselves to the max with the kids during the day and have a drink in the room when the kids have gone to bed. This was totally careless of the pair. Small kids own you. You basically have no ‘me time’ so to speak and even when you get time out, you have sleep arrears to catch up with…

I have never heard of school buses in the UK so the parent that was allowing a young boy to walk to school on his own was being v selfish too. Don’t forget we have months and months of v bad weather and it is dark kendu 3pm.
We can’t trend on tenterhooks all the time coz we are also human but so much has to give where kids are concerned.

The whole idea of a holiday is to do on the regular like going out at night to drink 7 to 9 bottles of wine, which is what these people were doing when they were out with their friends at night. Nights also have entertainment like live bands which are usually not there during the day. It’s exasperating to go on holiday and it’s only the men who get to stay up late at the bar or lounge. But this group was so irresponsible its unbelievable how they could be doctors. So negligent.

This is why I am telling you small kids own parents to a t. Coz even that drinking itakuchapa vibaya sana the next day…hang’eee. Besides if something happened to the kids at night and you are semi conscious utakipata…you look for alternatives mpaka you get tired and give up the drink…hizo live bands unasikia tuu from way yonder. Alternative is you leave them behind with v close family members like shosho but in this case, the shosh had tagged along too yawaaaaaaa. Someone had monitored their routine…I can’t imagine how they dealt with the initial shock…

With their hefty salaries, they could even have hired a nanny from here. Portugal is not expensive. This is something they will take to the grave.