Cohen's postmortem has been postponed to 18/09/19

govt pathologist Peter ndegwa has announced…say family/legal team resolved that.

…more to follow…

Halafu pia psycho assessment isongeshwe. The longer that murderous woman stays in Lang’ata, the better the chances of catching the shoddy goons she hired.

Hio mwili itafanyiwa brikicho bantureh hadi itoe the ‘desired’ results na yule mzee Yohana Oduor.

Mtaskia ni heart attack from poor life style habits.

ndegwa amejitoa kwa hiyo story…sijafuatilia vizuri kwanini…maybe ni siasa za “your name betrays your intentions”

He from day one was against how the DCI was operating without caring about the law. First he said he wasn’t happy how they handled the crime scene and that this pissed off Kinoti who thought cracking this case will give him a plus in his work kumbe it just ruined everything. Then autopsy would require the immediate family member,remember she is still a member being a murderer or not plus she has not been convicted yet, so she needed to be present or have to appoint someone to identify the body. Crime cases hazitakangi thorax. This maneno ya Kenya police ignoring laws only hurt cases nowander the many cases thrown

Yohana amerudi kazi…

Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen's post-mortem postponed

“The postmortem will not happen today due to technicalities. I was in the scene of the crime. The defense team feel that I should not represent the government. So Johansen Oduor who was on leave has agreed to temporarily resume work for the exercise tomorrow,” Ndegwa said.

And why was he bound in ropes?

That’s why pathologist have to establish if it was before his killing or after, brings the issue of forensics

Ndegwa is one very corrupt mofo.
I had ocassion to deal with him not so long ago one on one and I wasn’t that impressed about his conduct and love for quick money.

Why are you talking common sense?! Don’t you know it is a crime in Kenya to speak sense?

People here preffer blaming the judiciary…and yet mara mingi ni karao amekataa kufuata laid down procedure. I heard Murgor repeat that many times with a twisted smile on his face when he was asking why he was not called when the body was found. Juu anajua he just needs to claim that laws were broken and the judge will have no choice but to agree with him.

si anafaa kupelekwa lee funeral home, high rollers wing?
mbona ako chiromo?

Chiromo si ni ya serikali, Lee si ni private?

govt pathologist abebe tools aende huko

Ndio ilimfunga mikono?

Heart attack in septic tank ?

It’s normally the cops who fail. I won’t be shocked the hurdles this case will have

Nyinyi watatu ni kizungu hamwuelewi ama ni nini?

You can clearly see the word ‘desired’ in that comment, right? Also that same word is in quotes… hebu scratch your domes what could I possibly be infering by putting the word desired in quotes?

And I said hio ‘mwili itachezewa’…

The delaying tactics by Murgor and that murderous ex-wife is because are hoping Cohen’s family will cave in to their Jewish customs and bury Tom,along with all the forensic evidence on his body. The more the delays,the more the chances some evidence will be lost as well,eg bitemarks,body fluids. Ata akisema ati she wants to be there,ndio aone what they’ll discover and what they won’t. Evil Jezebel and defence attorney denying the man even an ounce of respect and dignity,having his corpse being flipped and moved around like a bag of rocks.