Cohen’s will OPENED

Cohen’s sister arrives at the lawyer’s office for the private opening of the will, to address media after.[ATTACH=full]261263[/ATTACH]

That’s it. I was hesitant to block/ignore ueven after been adviced by many talkers but sasa umenifikaa kooo. Kuleta hapa story nusu nusuGood bye ghasia

Sasa senior elder, si tungoje ndio nilete part two and three, nangoja atoke ndani

I pray and hope that monster lady gets zero

Cohen was first tortured, he then ran to hide at the septic tank, what do you think the will shows…

Digii kihiiiii

I am truly starting to suspect Cohens sister.

This will be a waste… It will be disputed fast than guys come here and say digi ki…(sorry can’t say that)

Digii maii


same case here arudi pale Gikomba kuuza p

funny story ni ati all those who were badmouthing sarah claiming to be friends of cohen ata mazishi wataionea kwa viusasa…

According to the Star, Lawyer Chege Kirundi, however, declined to reveal the contents of Cohen’s will to the media, saying they were part of a court process.

Kirundi, the custodian of the will, said the media was gagged by the court and he, therefore, would not divulge the contents.


cohen sister aki ni mrembo aki … mali safi io … mesho inangara kila uchao .

i cant imagine that damsel at 27 years she must have been so hot

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