Cohen Case, as taught by Prof Paul Musili Wambua

Any person who conspires with any other person to kill any person, whether that person is in kenya or elsewhere, is guilty of a felony, and is liable to imprisonment for 14 years.

The above case is when the state proves beyond reasonable doubt.
14 years is the maximum sentence.

With Murgor, we expect the maximum sentence to be less than 5 years, because madam only wanted to kidnap mzee, those who killed him acted on their own without any prior planning with madam.

The joint property will be sold, and madam’s money, after Murgor’s cut which will be 40%, deposited in a fixed deposit account.

After the dust has settled, madam will be free, and you will still be a fake online billionaire. tukutane 2028

Madam is building a very big hotel pale kwetu Othaya. I bought a piece of land near there sometime back. Biashara tutafanya naye. I still insist Wairimu wetu is innocent.

Omba tender ya kusupply bedsheets kwa hio hoteli bila kusumbua kijiji…

Of course


Pitia mathare

Plus usupply kitchen na thukuma,waru na terere



a pia akuwe ‘service man’