Coffee Industry collapsing after just 1 year under the stewardship of Buck Toothed DO

Tugeges and fellow mountaineers are now facing loses in the billions due to failing government policies. Bwana DO has decided to throw out the baby with the bathwater in his fight with imaginary cartels. It is better for the industry to collapse but everybody must bow down to the mighty DO.

Meanwhile his boss has washed his hands on matters involving the industry. Amewacha DO ajikaange na mafuta yake so that in future he can come to the rescue like the Messiah tugeges think he is.

But anyway Tugokira Tene. Bwana DO 2032 riwe riwalo.


Don’t worry…as is usual with his retarded blame game, he’s got more promises to quell any protests and postpone the problem into the future… :sweat_smile:

Kenya will soon sell its coffee directly to Starbucks, the biggest US coffee chain, if a deal is reached between President William Ruto’s administration and the multinational’s management.


Addressing a congregation at the PCEA Mihuti in Mukurweini, Nyeri County, on Sunday, the DP noted that US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman had agreed to introduce Kenyan coffee to Starbucks.

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Blame the “Tugeges” who voted for them …:rofl::joy:

Shamelessly lying through his teeth. Does a private firm in the US need political connections to do business with Kenya? I highly doubt. Why didn’t @Zakayoh approach them directly when he was in the US?
This is madness.


Africans have IQ of dung bettles. Too forgining and too short of a memory. Ndio maana unaonaga hata Waiters better serve a White Cunt first and keep fllow bleks waiting.


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I saw his picture with the U.S. ambassador claiming they were discussing how coffee farmers can access U.S. private firms. That is not even possible. The U.S. government cannot force kina starbucks and the rest to purchase coffee from specific areas.

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And foolish anus lickers @sani @billy_drago @mikymas @berlin_oxford wanakimbia kusema eeeeeh anafanya kazi, kumbembwa ndogomothi tu ya hali ya juu. Na niulize hawa cartels ni nani?

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Selling of coffee cherries will not reward farmers. Cartels will pay farmers< 42/= per kg for 1st grade and that’s why some of them uprooted coffee bushes a few years ago. Hii haijaanza wakati wa Nabii.

Individual farmers & Farmer cooperatives should peel, ferment, dry the patchment to a moisture content of 9% and if possible grade so that cartels don’t take advantage of the perishable nature of cherries to frustrate farmers.

If Starbucks will buy cherries @80/=per kg, then it will be fair.

Most Rift valley farmers/ farmer saccos are doing value addition on their own, others going to the extent of roasting, grinding and packaging thus fetching premium prices.

Tugeges wapambane na hali yao brare fools.

Your coffee makes Switzerland rich, keep producing guys

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Who are these cartels?

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Google. Walipokonywa trading licences hivi majuzi Na wana machungu Zaidi.

You do realize he has been making promises after promises upon promises before promises to deal with phantom people? I’m not in the coffee sector to know it’s happenings but I get my coffee from a small business in Kirinyaga, Njambi Coffee

Wakati ya Uhuru farmers were getting 150 bob per kg.

That is what the coffee farmers do. You should stick to maize matters instead of displaying your ignorance regarding matters you dont know. Bure kabisa.




As I have always preached here ,I am a farmer and 95% of what I consume comes from my ranches including natural coffee, green & purple tea, soya as beverages.

Kwanza I drink natural coffee( I select the best quality ripe cherries then dry together with the red outer skin under controlled temperatures before processing. Ile strong aroma hutokea huwa noma sana. Ya pulping ndio huenda Soko.

Check the sample of natural coffee roasted and grounded inside my coffee store.

Then parchment


Coffee is no longer as important an economic activity as many would imagine in central. We saw the dangers of relying on one economic activity long ago and uprooted the silly plant. Even with the best of intention, coffee is dead. And he’s not lying the kenya coffee board is den of confusion. People in their 90s have refused to retire

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Arrange how we can buy a Sample.


Kenyan coffee has great potential if managed well. Kenya produces the best arabica coffee worth billions that is used to blend other coffees. The govt should realize that the coffee dealers/marketers/brokers/roasters have worked hard to penetrate the world markets and calling them cartels and withdrawing their licenses will only leave farmers with nowhere to sell their produce because the coffee marketing chain is broken. Before coffee is sold at a cafe in london, new york or tokyo, it has gone through a long chain and kachagua should not think that a farmer in mathira can deal directly with starbucks and other retailers.


For the respect of anonymity, It can’t happen. Just google & select any producer cum Miller in Rift Valley. Tuko wengi.